Little ONE Baby Magazine ~ Behind The Scenes

Baby Girl In Cute Outfit

Little One Magazine, La Toriana.By now you will have all known about this amazing new magazine on the Australian market.  Its beautifully presented, full of great articles and stunning photographs and real life nurseries!!  Little ONE baby magazine is fast becoming a leader and magazine of choice for so many mums!  There is so much great reading in issue 3 of Little ONE baby magazine, I loved having “me” time with a cuppa and keep coming back to it!


What happens behind the scenes at these shoots…. well, I sneaked in and took a couple snaps.   It was lots of fun to see what happens and I have a new found respect and learnt so much from the crew of this photo shoot.

Mother and Baby.

Here is Amy, doing a great job entertaining the little tykes… they loved it… and o did all us watching.  Amy… if you are ever looking for a career change…. I think ABC  Play School are looking for staff!!!  Amy has lots of tricks and songs and the kids responded perfectly!

Baby Boy Photoshoot in Designer Clothes.

This little fella is deemed to be a natural!  Just look at his style!

He smiled, and posed, laughed and had fun.  Perfect… oh, Hang on, he’s coming over

 ”Excuse me Miss… Just want to check you got my GOOD side?”    ” ah,   yes that’s amazing… you’re better than I ever expected! mmmm?  might get my agent (mum) to book you for portfolio shots!!!

Lisa nankervis, Photographer for the mag is brillianrt and has an eye for detail.   She bends and sways and gets into all sort of positions for that perfect shot.  She allows the kids to be natural and fun and follows their every move….it was an absolute pleasure to watch!!

Baby Girl Photo. Baby Clothing Photoshoot.

Baby On Bed With Little One Baby Clothing Little One Baby Photoshoot.

The gorgeous products, clothes and of course gorgeous models help create the perfect shots.  Grab a copy of the latest magazine to see what the pics look like.  Jump onto the Little One baby website too… can see a mini mag and see what stunning.

Little One Baby Clothing Photographers, Lisa and Amy. Lisa and Amy, Little One Baby Clothes Photoshoot

Amy, Amy and Lisa did a brilliant job co ordinating all the products, back drops, the works.  The models themselves were so well behaved, though, the girls tell me I came on a good day…. it doesn’t always go to plan.  This I can believe!!

Amy and Lisa Photgraphers, La Toriana

Chatting to Amy Doak, Publisher of Little ONE Baby magazine, she is thrilled with the response received from Ed: 3.

”The response has been amazing.  The most beautiful, wonderful letters we have gotten from people, like  this from a girl in NSW:

Hi to the team at Little One Baby,    I recently found myself wandering aimlessly after running some errands as my 6 month old son had fallen asleep in the pram, not wanting to wake him by transferring him to his car seat. I ended up in a Newsagency and thought I would buy a magazine to sit down with over a cup of tea while my son enjoyed his nap. All the baby/parenting magazines staring back at me looked the same, covered the same topics, and were full of more advice (and if there is one thing I have found overwhelming since becoming a Mum six months ago, it’s advice!!!) from books, strangers, internet sites, and more, it was not something I wanted in a magazine that I wished to sit down and relax with over a cup of tea! Then I spotted Little One Baby…. straight away it looked different from the others, the gorgeous bub on the cover caught my eye immediately!    And what a find it was! This magazine is so different from any other on the shelf. It is beautifully presented, the nurseries are gorgeous and I love the articles that accompany them written in the mothers words. The magazine is inspiring, heartwarming and full of genuinely useful products and websites. I honestly cannot recommend this magazine enough now to others Mum’s in my Mothers Group! I will eagerly be awaiting every issue from now on!!    Thank you so much for producing something so on the mark!! It’s perfect in every way!
and another
I had never previously seen Little One before being totally seduced by the cover of issue 3 – those gorgeous big, brown eyes had me in seconds!
Upon closer inspection I noticed the headline for ‘The Greatest Sorrow’ and just had to buy this magazine. While the stories and images of stunning baby bedrooms are beautiful, it was the very personal stories of women who have lost babies that interested me most. Having had four consecutive miscarriages in the last three years, I was keen to read about how other women managed their grief and continued with life after loss. I still dream of having a child of my own, and these heartfelt stories provided insight, inspiration and a stronger sense of my own strength. Everyone deals with loss in their own way, but somehow, being able to hear some other women’s stories renewed my sense of hope. I will put this beautiful magazine on the shelf for now, and hopefully when I do have a healthy, happy baby of my own, I’ll retrieve it to seek informed advice and lots of inspiration for making my child’s world as colourful and enchanting as possible. Thank you for this heartfelt feature. Ali

Little One Magazine, La Toriana.Little ONE baby is all about being inspired, encouraged, motivated and excited by what the world can bring to you and your Little One.”

9 Years On….

Christmas Angels Twins

Its 9 years this week since my twin girls were born, and became angels.

Its been 9 LONG years in so many ways and yet, only seems like this morning that “it” all happened!

For those who may not know…. it was 9 years ago this week that my whole world fell apart.  Where for a moment, I didn’t feel like I wanted to go on…  The week my whole world shattered, my babies became angels and I too almost didnt make it.  ( Years on, I want to help others who understand, who know someone, or who may have felt so isolated like I did for so long.

After years of trying IVF, to be told by the pioneer himself that I would never conceive, and  he would no longer treat me, I was initially defeated!  I had so desperately wanted a child, and I would have tried 1000  cycles if I could, but was refused by the professor as it was “fruitless”.  Get counselling as you would never have a child he told me.

Stubborn as I am, and knowing I would not be settled til I had unturned every stone I could… I set on a quest.  I researched my condition, my IVF cycles and their findings and started seeing countless drs.  They all turned me away saying “If the professor cant help, then we cant” no one would help me.

I continued, I went to immunologists, embyologists, iridologists, psychologists,  natropaths, homeopaths and anything I could!

I would bring all my recent research online and from my tests with  me to specialists and drs appt.  I am sure they al thought I was a bit crazed, and just turned me away .  I wasn’t deterred, and despite being so down… maybe  depressed, I continued on.

I finally saw another dr and he sat back in his drs chair and allowed me to ramble on.  He chuckled, and looked at my husband and said “wow… what dynamite you have here”

HE was going to help me.   He had never known someone to be so intricate in their findings.  He had recently come back from USA and was starting a trial, he called it the “Colorado”

I followed that protocol to every inch of the law.  I kept healthy, tried all the “tricks” and suggestions, I even tried a spell from one of those womens magazines that have “psychics” telling you how to get pregnant… lol   I would have tried ANYTHING, that I saw, read or recommended  from a IVF support group online and OMG…  yes this time we were pregnant!

Unfortunately, all went pear shaped at 20 weeks and at 23w 4 d  I ended up being rushed to Melbourne via ambulance.  I was virtually unconscious at that stage and from there everything went down hill.  Wont go into all the details…. but will never understand why/what … and the management in my local country hospital.

An emergecy classical ceaser was performed and despite many, many long hrs, the girls fought hard to stay with us. They became angels. They not only had issues of prematurity, they also had severe septicaemia.

Heart Angel

La Toriana Logo, Online Store.I wasn’t expected to survive, the dr told my husband days later he had never seen a person with such high levels of CRP and live.  My girls were fighters, though sadly became angels when called.  I never saw them alive, I started to recover after they had gained their wings.

Tiana came a 13 months later after the most torrid year to say the least.  Thats a whole new story in itself.

I had to spend 5 months in hospital all the way in Melb to have Tiana as I was sick, she was determined to come early, and she did at just over 32 weeks.

I penned the name La Toriana the week before she was born.  I knew I wanted to keep the twins memory alive.  It was a name I was going to have “for me” as a way to keep all 3 girls together.  I didn’t know how, where or when I would use it.

That time was a devastating time for us …. and one that will ever be forgotten.  I still feel like it was only this morning… 9 years later… my word, still so surreal.

Angela and Elizabeth, La Toriana FamilyLa Toriana is now a name that is more than just an online boutique.  So much more, and I am beginning to see its also hope, inspiration and support for others as well.

I don’t expect people after this time to remember the date of “that day” or expect them to even say anything to me, but I tell you it makes me feel so loved and to know they include our girls in Christmas cards, their birthdays and other times is so special to me.  Thank you…. my special friends who do!

The last few days I have received  cards, flowers and a cd of gorgeous songs… including my favourite, that always has me in tears, though makes me feel so close to Lara and Victoria.  Its Fly… from Celine Dion.

Read more about how I feel   HERE .

And to my gorgeous friend who developed a premmie range as she knew what it was like for me at the time of my 3 premmies.  She watched helplessly as I searched, and couldn’t find, anything to fit my girls.  What a beautiful friend.

Tiana, our 3rd daughter was born premmie too and has always known about her sisters.  She has been bought up coming to the cemetery, taking flowers, and keeping the plaque clean.  It was always her angel sisters that would help chase away the “monsters” that she could “pretend play” with when she felt lonely, would allow her to feel comforted with the knowledge they were always watching over her, and was never alone.

She often asks questions, and now she is about to turn 8 years old, has more in depth questions.  I always tell her the truth, though to a point she would understand.  So far its been enough, though I know, more and more questions will follow.  I am ready.  Lara and Victoria ARE part of our family.  We have their photo up in our photo gallery, we always light candles on special days for them, and La Toriana is always a way to pay homage.

we love all our children.

And, with July being a time of so much memories, I remember the weeks in July that had my heart in my boots, shed so many tears, and a month that will always be a “hard” month.  So please… if you think I, or La Toriana are a little quiet in July each year….. this is the reason.

Its a beautiful… bittersweet month, full of so many, many memories.

I often look out in our back yard (above) and on some morings like this one a few weeks ago, I instantly think of the girls.  Its like being above the world, and I wonder… really wonder

There wasnt a lot of  support when the twins passed away, and same when Tiana was born.  All the months we spent in special care baby unit, I was a wreck… Tiana was sick, and had issues of prematurity.

I was so scared, and the staff were worried about my mental status  “post natal drepression’ was often  discussed with me.  Even a couple mums who were int here with me at the time, who I recently caught up with remember me being in tears and wouldn’t leave Tiana’s side.

Premmie Baby Hero Award.I know I was a wreck.  But yes, I can imagine people looking in could see me as being very intense.   Tiana was very sick one day in particular, we rushed back in after being home a week.  Tiana had apnoea and kept forgetting to breathe.  In SCBU… I did lose it a bit… and a friend who I met at that time,  remembers that time well.  I just didnt want to have another baby in the cemetery. It was the scariest time in my whole life, I felt so very isolated.

So… now… I like to support premmie babies , support groups and provide a range of premmie baby clothes and products online so mums, friends and families know where they can get them… from all over Australia.

La Toriana, National Premmie Foundation

Prem Babies, La Toriana

Best Boutique Or Store Award Winner.We are so honoured to be a finalist in 2 catagories for the AusMumpreneurs awards. 

Winners announced in Brisbane Sat 31st july.  I will be attnding and sure to blog about it all when i am back.  there are some amazing businesses, mums and inspiring women attending!

We are also a finalist in the KFR awards…

Thank you to all those who have so far voted la Toriana in these awards.  You can continue to ote til the start of August!

 So please…. its a very special month July…. and 9 years later…. still so surreal.



An Unexpected Visitor

A Kangaroo. Living out of town, its not everyday that we get visitors.  Well really never at 7 am!  And if we did they would have to ring the front gate bell to allow us to let them in.  We have a long driveway, and even if the gates were accidentally left open, I would see someone coming.

No… none of that happened last week.

I had just got up and had a cuppa when there was a knock at the door.    “EEEKK” I thought, feeling someone had sprung me in my PJ’s.   “Knock, Knock”  it went again.

I knew I had to answer, so with trepidation, walking slowly whilst trying to smooth down my scruffy hair, and neatening my PJ’s, I went to the front door.  (which by the way no one uses as the front is still under construction and looks like a building site)

Kangaroo Knocking.I went to the front door and honestly did a double take.  There was a huge Kangaroo at the door!!!  I was in disbelief, but as a “wanna-be-in-another-lifetime-photographer”  as I am, I went and grabbed my trusty camera.  As I went back to the front door Tiana was getting up, and wanted to know who was here. (yep… still loving her Cornflowerblue PJ set).

Wow… she was also amazed.  The kangaroo was quite relaxed it looked like it really wanted to come in.  The kangaroo and Tiana stared at each other a long time.  Tiana was tapping on the glass and talking to him, and he wasnt at all phased by her antics or by the camera flash either for that matter.  If anything was rather inquisitive and wanted to see more.

The kangaroo waited at the front door.. us staring at him, and then figured we were not going to let him in so manoeuvred around the wheel borough, the bricks and steps and started nibbling on the new growth of my roses.  Of course I saw that as inappropriate behaviour and knocked on the window…  he just stared back, then kept on nibbling.  Who would have thought new rose shots were a kangaroo delicacy!

Kangaroo At The Door.

Kangaroo At The Door, SurpriseTiana and I went out and still didn’t jump away, actually came back and peeked around the corner at us even closer.  I explained to Tiana to keep her distance as they can be unpredictable.  He looked so cute, gorgeous big brown eyes.  We took lots of photo’s.  We both kept saying how cute he was.

The kangaroo quietly hopped about the back yard  and around the house for a good half hr…. constantly checking on us  (yes, I had got my cuppa and a jumper on by then).  It was a cold, misty morning, and beautiful as the sun was coming up/ The Kangaroo was in great condition, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been a domesticated kangaroo.  it was so relaxed, inquisitive and not once did it look threatening or agitated.  The kangaroo looked like he was wanting to play, and often would have long looks at us as if to sday  “please can I come in”

Finally… decided to just quietly hop away over the hills and back to where he came from.  not before stopping one last time and having a good look at our faces ….

Kangaroo Hopping Away. Kangaroo Hopping Away.

… you never know he may be back.  Tiana (and I) secretly hope he does!


Kids Fashion Shoot ~ “On Location” with Bendigo Magazine

Bendigo Magazine Winter, La Toriana

La Toriana  has had the honour of being part of  the BENDIGO MAGAZINE and the kids fashion shoot and do a “behind the scenes” blog post.  We were lucky enough to supply to the designer children’s clothing from La Toriana for this cute little girl.

The fashion stylist (Esther) chose the stunning Winter 2010 Tea Princess  pink bow beanie, Harem pants , and the boat neck white lace top also from Tea Princess.  Everything was worked out well, and you can easily see the team work flowed with ease to help create the look for the magazine they were looking for.

A very professional team and such a pleasure to work with.

David Bendigo Photographer, La Toriana

Its always hard for some kids when doing a shoot for the first time.  There are camera’s, lights, people, a strange environment and not knowing what to expect can be very daunting.  Esther is a delight in helping make the kids feel at ease with her friendly nature and her humour.  The lollipops help too afterwards… and she even snuck one to Tiana  (yep, my assistant, when I wasn’t looking)

(just check out that gorgeous smile from Esther (below left).

David Fields Photoshoot, La Toriana

David Fields the photographer is super talented and really knows how to get the best out of the kids.  Our little model was a little shy and timid, but David soon worked a little magic and had her smiling and feeling so much more comfortable.  He takes the time to chat with the kids, get to know them and have a little fun along the way…..

He makes it all look so easy!

Girl Model for Bendigo and La Toriana

The finished product in the mag is beautiful (below), and I am sure this little girls mum would have been so proud, just as I was with her representing La Toriana and the Tea Princess collection this Winter.

Tea Princess for BGO Mag and La Toriana

Kids fashion shoots can go really smoothly, or can go pear shaped.  This session went extremely well.  Shows with an experienced team, relaxed atmosphere and professionals who know what they are doing… all falls into place beautifully.

If you haven’t already, you MUST check out the latest Bendigo magazine.

Bendigo Team, La Toriana Team

David takes some photo’s whilst the parents of the kids, the  Sarah (editor), Esther and Maggie all are there to help ensure everything goes well.  David takes it all in his stride and the kids all have a ball waiting for their turn.

Bendigo Magazine“Bendigo is one of the fastest growing cities in regional Australia. With a diverse range of residents ranging from University students to the retiree, the population is constantly seeking ways to be informed and inspired.

 Published in December, March, June and September, Bendigo Magazine features unique home style and design ideas, personality profiles, visits to beautiful sights in the region, nostalgic historical perspectives, the gamut of arts and culture, inspired food and entertaining ideas, a comprehensive guide to events and attractions in Central Victoria and much, much more.
It reflects the best of Bendigo and captures the city’s unique style in a manner intended to make our readers’ lives more interesting and informed. Our objective is to spark a zest for living in Bendigo, new ideas and new experiences.”

Bendigo Pottery Bendigo Pottery Wheel Man Tiana Reading in Bendigo Pottery

The Bendigo pottery, the location for these shots is an amazing place.  A great place to take the family, for the kids to do activities in the school holidays and for events.  Tiana (above) catches up on a little reading about the history of the kilns whilst watching the photo shoot take place.

Australia’s Oldest Working Pottery

For over 150 years Bendigo Pottery has been famous for creating high quality ceramics for both domestic and commercial use. Located at 146 Midland Highway, Epsom, 6.5 kms north of the Alexandra Fountain in the centre of Bendigo, heading towards Echuca. Bendigo Pottery is open 7 Days a Week from 9.00am to 5.00pm (only closed Christmas Day)

~   See our other posts about  Bendigo Magazine this year   ~


Easter Angels, Bendigo La Toriana Collection

and also this vintage fashion shoot 2010

Vintage Photoshoot Clothing, La Toriana x Bendigo

Little Miss J ~ Designed for Angels

Little Miss J Clothing Line, La Toriana

Little Miss J LogoJo-Anne Lambert is the talented designer behind one of the newest designer kids clothing fashion labels in Australia,

She is a mother of two gorgeous children, Jade 3 yrs the face behind  Little Miss J, Tyler 6 the face behind Mista Tj and is wife to the wonderful patient and ever supporting husband, Brent.

Little Miss J was developed by people that are in love with the  pleasure of life and passionate about fashion.  “We wanted to create  timeless pieces that would   be cherished forever,” states Jo,  ” Being designed and made in Australia gives us a wonderful sense of  pride.”

She is a mother of two gorgeous children, Jade 3 yrs the face behind  Little Miss J, Tyler 6 the face behind Mista Tj and is wife to the wonderful patient and ever supporting husband, Brent.

Little Miss J was developed by people that are in love with the  pleasure of life and passionate about fashion.  “We wanted to create  timeless pieces that would   be cherished forever,” states Jo,  ” Being designed and made in Australia gives us a wonderful sense of  pride.”

Her Summer Debut collection  is named “French Tea Party”.  The french inspired designs are of quality design and finishes.  Catering for girls 2 – 6 yrs, and a limited edition with select few made, so you can be assured of a unique, quality girls designer clothing and not mass produced.

A definate special occassion wear for your own little angel.  A timeless elegance that is captured and portrayed throught this collection and will soon be a firm favourite of yours for the designs, the ease of wear and the superb quality.

French Tea Party, Summer Debut Collection

Yes…. a new and exciting label to come out of Northern NSW, and what a stunner it is.   A gorgeous new designer  children’s wear collection in luxe fabrics with a subtle palette of colours, stunning frabics, exceptional quality and flawless finishes  – perfect heirloom pieces.
Little Miss J Clothing, La TorianaLa Toriana aare so very proud to be able to showcase Little Miss J, arriving instore end of July.

Little Miss J was developed by people that are in love with the pleasure of life, passionate and not afraid to show it, where individuality is revered and creatively encouraged. They are gradually filling your armoire with gorgeous fabrics, laces and trims from all around the world.

The  winter 2011 “Chocolat” Collection is rich in colour with a touch of delicate fabrics perfect timeless pieces of art.

Keep your eyes on this designer as we are sure to see many more gorgeous collections in seasons to come, and will be a  name synonymous with quality amongst the competitive childrens fashion industry.

Designer Creations made for the 2 to 6 year’s of age . Proudly designed and made in Australia.

“Difference between style and fashion is quality”

JUST ANNOUNCED.   La Toriana are finalists in both these categories.   Stay tuned for more information.

Connect 2 Mums Nominee

Best Boutique Or Store Award Winner.



TOY STORY 3 {win $25,000 in prizes}

Toy Story Fun Book

Buzz, Woody and the gang are back!

 And Toys”R”Us

is your number 1 TOY STORY 3 destination!

 To celebrate the launch of Disney-Pixar’s  Toy Story 3 (in cinemas June 24) TOYS”R”US are pulling out all the stops with giveaways, events and an exclusive 3D website.
Toy Story Games and Activities
 With a huge range of Toy Story 3 product in stores (including many exclusive toys), kids can come dressed as their favourite toys, build their own Alien or Buzz and parents can take their child’s photo with a life sized Buzz standee. To compliment the digital release of the film, TOYS”R”US have also put together an exclusive 3D microsite at
Parents and kids can don their 3D glasses, view scenes from the movie, meet the Toy Story 3 characters and join in on a whole lot of fun, games and adventures online.
Toy Story Adventure
Toy Story 3On top of all this, TOYS”R”US are giving everyone the chance to win a trip to Disneyland in a huge Toy Story 3 competition!
Total prizes are valued at over $25,000 and kids and their families can enter online or in-store. This is the prize of a lifetime! Don Wood, Vice President and Managing Director, Disney Consumer Products ANZ
has said
: “We are very excited by TOYS”R”US’ plans to extend the Toy Story 3 3D experience from cinemas to the small screen via their innovative microsite.” See for full details
Kids and families can live the Toys Story 3 adventure in-store on Saturday June 26, when every TOYS”R”US store in Australia will be celebrating all things Toy Story with an exclusive event.

Join In The Celebrations With Cake Lingerie

Cake Lingerie Brand, La Toriana

Cake Lingerie have DONE IT!!!

Cake Lingerie is an Australian boutique brand, specialising in the creation of exquisite, high fashion maternity and nursing lingerie. A unique blend of luxury, elegance, comfort and culminates into the Cake Lingerie product.

Remember the call out for real mums we did we did where Cake Lingerie  needed everyone’s help to find REAL MUMS  for a photo shoot?

well above is a pic from that shoot and call out!  YAY!   there is more coming… so stay tuned…. its very exciting. You just have to wait a bit longer!!


to help celebrate this great news, La Toriana together with Cake Lingerie want you to join in the celebrations too.  Cake Lingerie have kindly donated an amazing prize!!!

Cookies N Cream Cake Lingerie

Yep… one of our gorgeous  followers (yes… maybe YOU)    will win an amazing Cookies ‘N Cream or Strawberry Shortcake lingerie set.  (selected recipient will have a choice between the 2 styles above and size  between sizes 10B-16F).

This giveaway will be drawn by Cake Lingerie July 14th, 2010 and will be sent from Cake Lingerie direct to you!!

(if you win… now that’s very exciting!)

Cake Lingerie Bra, La Toriana

So… wondering what do you need to do to win?

 ** its easy **

 and you can enter in different ways, and more ways gives you more entries!
join in one or all of the above!.  Yes more entries for more places you comment…
* visit the Cake Lingerie website and tell us here which design in store you love most and why.

Cake Lingerie is an international designer brand, specialising in the creation of sophisticated maternity and nursing lingerie. Cake delivers beautiful lingerie that intertwines sensual comfort & a secure fit with much needed style and polish.

Worn and loved by celebrities around the world, Cake Lingerie empowers women to celebrate their new found curves with graceful elegance. With astonishing attention to detail, this gorgeous collection will make you look and feel fabulous.

so… get cracking girls….   lets help Cake Lingerie celebrate REAL MUMS and you can win one of the above gorgeous sets!!  The winner will be chosen at random by staff at Cake Lingerie.


elkizabeth xx


Gorgeous Kids Rooms Decor

Way across the country in QLD,  (well to me anyway) is a house with 2 gorgeous little girls rooms in it. Terri, mum to Charlotte and Molly above, have done incredibly well with styling the girls rooms.  Of course with some input from them.  I love the colours, the styling and all the gorgeous handmade items that blend in so well.

Little Girls in Dress

Birdhouse Wall Art For GirlsThey’re really just a mix of things that I’ve bought + a lot of items that I’ve handmade.  I handmade the birdhouses, the filigree frames, the canvases, the dolls house and the names on the wall.

I did buy the wall art for both rooms from Little Styles if I remember correctly.

The girls particularly love the birdhouses – I find them in the most interesting places in the house…with the most interesting things shoved inside the birdhouse!  I’ve actually just committed to holding a stall at the Bardon Markets in Brisbane on June 26 to sell these, so that’s exciting.

Charlotte is 6 and she’s got the really blonde hair and Molly is almost 3.

Terri  bought these frames for $3 on sale from Target (cha-ching)…they were black originally…bought a $3.50 can of spray paint, added some paper and butterflies and here is the finished product…easy!

Dolls house that Charlotte got for her 1st birthday. It was in it’s raw state. As per my usual, I painted, sanded, stuck on paper, decorated and this is how it turned out…

Doll House for Kids

The other big hit is the dollshouse – in fact when Molly was a tiny baby she had a little sleep in it.  Here is a photo of baby Molly in Charlottes dolls house.

Totally gorgeous!!

It’s Charlotte’s fairy door. It’s a tiny little door that sits on the skirting board. She randomly leaves ‘presents’….drawings, hair clips etc for the fairies and they leave something in return. It’s a classic…she is completely convinced that the fairies come into her room and leave her gifts…will be a really nice story to tell her when she’s older.

Oh… and I just HAD to show you how talented Terri is… Below are 2 canvas sets.  The first one Terri bought as they matched in with the colours of the room, but the second one she made.  WOW Terri…. you have a gift… looks amazing!

Canvas Wall Art for Rooms

I must say Terri… what a WONDERFUL job you did with both rooms… and you are so creative, stylish and talented!!  I just know you are going to do so well at the Bardon Markets in Brisbane on June 26 to sell the birdhouses….  WE LOVE them!   Anyone reading this blog and in the Brisbane area on that date… pop in and say hi to Terri!

Have you some inspiration now to do your own kids rooms up?  I bet you have…. I do!


Kids Cupcake Carnivale ~ Tiramisu

Tiramisu Cupcake Recipe

Tiramisu Cupcake

Its been an interesting couple days here at La Toriana!  It started with my facebook page vanishing, and then the rallying around by gorgeous friends and followers and customers!  In less than 36 hrs we are almost back to where we were!   Wow…. I am in awe of such a wonderful, supportive and embracing group online I have.   So, each one of you please grab a cuppa and cake here and join me.   I personally want to say THANK YOU

oh and if you love it so much (as I am sure you will) here is the recipe…


Vanilla buttercake:
90g butter, softened
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
2 eggs
1 cup (150g) self-raising flour
2 tablespoons milk

Mascarpone cream:
250g mascarpone cheese
1/4 cup (40g) icing sugar
1 tablespoon marsala
3/4 cup (180ml) thickened cream, whipped

Coffee mixture:
1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
1/3 cup (80ml) boiling water
2 tablespoons marsala

50g dark eating chocolate, grated finely


1. Preheat oven to moderate (180°C/160°C fan-forced). Line 6-hole texas or 12-hole standard muffin pan with paper cases.

2. Beat butter, extract, sugar, eggs, flour and milk in small bowl with electric mixer on low speed until ingredients are just combined. Increase speed to medium, beat until mixture is changed to a paler colour. Divide mixture among cases; smooth surface.

3. Bake large cakes about 25 minutes, small cakes about 20 minutes. Turn cakes onto wire rack to cool.

4. Make mascarpone cream. Make coffee mixture.

5. Remove cases from cakes. Cut each cake horizontally into four. Brush both sides of cake slices with coffee mixture. Join cake slices with mascarpone cream.

6. Spread tops of cakes with mascarpone cream; sprinkle with grated chocolate. Refrigerate for 3 hours before serving.

Mascarpone cream
Combine mascarpone, sifted icing sugar and marsala in small bowl; fold in cream.

Coffee mixture
Combine coffee, the water and marsala in small bowl; cool.

A New Day… {Anything is possible}

I took these pics this week and I was amazed how well they came out.  Mind you, its not an inch on the ambiance I experienced whilst taking the pics.   Tiana was inside having breakfast and  the sun was coming up.  I looked out at the “back yard” and it was like a mystical blanket was cast over the valley below.  We live on a hill, and for a moment … it felt like I lived above the clouds.

I got yy trusty camera out and stood in our courtyard and took these shots as the sun was coming up.   It was still, silent, and so very, very mild.  No breeze, so wind at all…. and as the sun came up… yes, I did feel the serenity.  For a few moments I allowed myself to think of the twins.  Like I was with them.  Living high up above the world, and looking over.  It was so peaceful, relaxed and I was so ever melancholy.

Our Backyard

~ Our Back Yard ~

The mist, the fog, was like a white organza sheet between us and the rest of the world… even just for those few minutes, it was so very peaceful!  Its amazing to describe.  Central Victoria is amazing and being rural… even more so.  (I think anyway)

The rest of the day I played  “THAT  CD”.  Given to me from the fertile thoughts {Loss of a child} group.  Hubby often thinks its depressing, but… in a strange kkind of way is actually revitalising.  It allows me to cry, allows me to feel and “be”.  Its away from all the rush and tear and obligations and commitments.  Its very soothing and comforting and helps me feel “close” to the girls.

We have  a large house, and was planned for the girls, and I like these type of winter mornings as my first born girls came into this world on a winters day, and I like to think it was like this.  I have no idea what type of morning it was, as I was very sick, but I like to think this was the type of day.

The pics above are RAW, and unedited.  I live in central Victoria and have a small property with some animals and garden….  Its tranquil…. and yes, I think I need to stop and smell the roses more often.  Today I did.

I walked about the property, attended some gardening, cleaned the house and “planned”.   I also “dreamed”. and I do “believe”

The only thing that got me through so many days… and nights… was this mantra





there is so much to that story….     yep… one day!

For today,….

these photos, a new day….  with such  wonderment, a brand new start… ”anything is possible”



Elizabeth xx