Baby Massage ~ Holistic Baby Health

Idibidi Kids Massage

IDIBIDI KIDS Massage  offers infant massage courses to parent and carers in Perth, Western Australia.

Idibidi Kids Massage approaches infant massage in a holistic sense; their philosophy is “nurture, discover, benefit”. . Infant massage – so much more than strokes!  Learning infant massage incorporates indian massage, swedish massage, reflexology and lymphatic exercises – lots of fun for both baby and carer! The 4 session course also covers touch relaxation, parent relaxation, colic sequence, massage for older kids and parent-infant bonding plus more!

Natalie (owner)  is a certified infant massage instructor and internationally qualified massage in schools instructor. She is very passionate and dedicated to researching touch therapy as well as educating caregivers on the wonderful benefits it provides both baby and parent. Natalie is sensitive to you and your baby’s needs; you will learn infant massage in a supportive and caring environment.

A visit will inspire and educate you on the importance of providing your child with positive, nurturing touch on a daily basis and why touch is crucial for your baby’s physiological and psychological development. The website contains many research articles and links to touch therapy and infant massage articles Natalie has personally read, providing a great resource to parents and health professionals.

Idibidi Kids is a firm believer of donating to charities and not-for-profit organisations where possible and support community events for these causes. Natalie and her kids often participate in local community events such as the City to Surf (Activ foundation) and the Big Walk (PMH foundation) to help raise money that is desperately needed (and the list is growing!).

Idibidi Logo

If you live in Perth, WA, and would like to discover infant massage, Natalie would love to meet you and your baby! To contact Natalie, 0411 615 641 or Idibidi Kids Massage: helping to raise awareness of infant massage and the importance of nurturing touch in the community.

Childrens Organic Clothing Collection Arrives ~ Eco Peko

Eco Peko Kids Clothing

Drum roll please …..

eco peko, a new designer in organic baby and kids clothing has arrived at La Toriana.

eco peko, a brand new Australian business specialising in 100% organic cotton baby clothing and toddler wear and are passionate about our environment and producing beautiful childrens clothing made from sustainable fabrics and recycled products.  This designer range of organic clothing has excellent prints like “Green House music, not gasses” and “eco angel” as well as ”100% organic, no pest inside”.  Delightful

eco peko organic collection is extra soft with an extra wide neckline for easy changing.  With their introductory line of “eco chic Tee’s” and the “the garden kimono’s” your baby and toddler will be sure to be comfy and you will relax knowing that the certified organic cotton kids wear is helping our environment.

Each garment purchsed for this line comes with a FREE packet of organic carrot seeds… great to get your little one interested in the garden and growing their own vegies.  Playing and learning outside is so much better for making healthy kids.

check out eco peko at La Toriana.

Kids In Style, Tea Princess ~ Designer Girls Clothes

Tea Princess Summer Collection


For anyone who knows me, I am an old fashioned girl at heart and love florals and vintage kids clothing.  Tea Princess is a designer label that I adore and feel honoured to be able to share this with you.

I must say that Tea Princess, designer clothes for little girls has fast become a hit with many mums out there.  La Toriana has a following and people on a list waiting to be told when the next summer range hits our store (I just love that many of you love this designer just as much as I do!)


I met up with the devine Kate Priddle (Designer and owner of Tea Princess) at Kids In Style and her personality is even more gorgeous in real life.  Its always lovely to meet with the designers and business women you have been working and talking with, and I was taken back with Kates passion and enthusiasm for Tea Princess. It was infectious!!

Tea Princess is a timeless boutique collection, which incorporates beautiful detail such as hand crochet, lace and soft floral and vintage fabrics.  The collection embraces current trends while maintaining a classic girly charm.  For newborn to six years.

Well I had a sneek peek at the Summer range and its gorgeous, check the above pics of some items soon to be available at La Toriana, and I also got to see next Winters range and I am LOVING IT!!!

It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS,,, no honestly it really is.  You’ll have to wait a couple seasons before I can show you a sneek peek, but Tea Princess is one designer collection range you will be hearing more and more about.

Seems like Kate just gets better and better.

Kids In Style & Life In Style ~ Petit

I recently had th pleasure of meeting some wonderful, talented businesses at the Melbourne Kids In Style fair. Today is part one of some of the excellent products avilable in the marketplace for your baby and kids.

Below is Chriss, Georgia and their team at PETIT.  I was very impressed with their customer focus and ability to warmly greet everyone.  Her staff were a delight and the products are of the highest quality.  Lush products for babies, toddlers and tweens, the PETIT range includes PETIT ENFANT for newborns and toddlers, PETIT AMOUR for girls and PETIT PRINCE for boys.

Petit for Kids

 Luxurious range of
bath, body and hair products
and elegant fragrances
that cleanse and pamper children’s skin

The PETIT range are soap-free, ph neutral that are enriched with natural ingredients, nourishing vegetable oils and plant extracts – now, even the littlest members of your family can experience luxury, decadence and quality.  You will be very pleasantly suprised at the excellent quality of the products, the cost, and how carefully the goods are posted and how you the customer are made to feel.  I was highly impressed with this company…. excellent baby gifts, kids birthday presents and for every day bath time rituals.

Petit Girls


Premmie Baby Celebration, National Premmie Day 2008

Premature babies are very special and anyone who has gone through the experience of having a prem baby or knows of someone who has… it can be  hard road to travel.

Friday marks National Premmie Day,

and we are here to help celebrate all premature babies, their families, the specialists who care for them and the wponderful support that is available.

At La Toriana we have just opened our Premmie section and invite you all to come and celebrate with us.  It has been so hard to find quality premmie clothing, toys and accessories.  Did you know until even recently, mums of prem babies actually were told to buy cabbage patch clothes from toy stores as that was the only clothes that would fit?  Its true.

Thank goodness times are changing, and you can actually get some lovely premmie baby clothes.

La Toriana will continue to source quality prem clothing for premature babies with an emphasis on quality, comfort and ease of dressing.

Check out the premmie dolls made by TUMMY BEAR.  It is a life like doll that you can have made to the size and weight of your prem baby as a reminder of the journey you travelled.

Premmie Dolls From La Toriana

We also have a great Cuski comforter that is a proven settling product for prem babies through to toddlers.

Early Birds premmie baby clothing is a highly renowned business supporting prem babies.  The softness and style that makes it easy to dress also has a unique style factor.

Coming soon is Teeny Weeny prem baby wear; a hip and funky prem baby clothing range that you all will be amazed at the quality and the price. Now prem babies can also have style and colour.

La Toriana will also be the first to showcase and stock an organic prem baby clothing range that is stylish and hip as well as functional and eco friendly.  An Australian business mum who has seen the hardship of finding nice, quality and stylish prem baby clothing,  is soon to release this beautiful and calming range.  This savy and innovative mum has a flair for design and empathy for all going through the rollercoaster of a journey with a premature baby.

I have been lucky enough to work with her through setting up this range and am so in love with the design… its absolutely gorgeous!  I can’t wait to show you all.  But I am keeping “mums the word” for a few more weeks til they are ready.

We are always looking for prem baby products so if you have any suggestions at all… please email me

July 25th celebrates National Premmie Day .

The National Premmie Foundation is a non profit organisation that supports parents and familys touched by the brth of  a premature baby.  visit prem baby for all information , contacts, and resources avaialble.  You may like to check out these 2 amazing groups as well.    Loddon Mallee kids  +  L’ilaussieprems     are just a couple great sites that help make up National Premmie Foundation.

To help celebrate National Premmie Day and the National Premmie Foundation, 10% of all proceeds in 2008 from the sale of everything in the premmie section on La Toriana will go directly to the National Premmie Foundation.  We have opened the Premmie section, but the official launch is actually not for a few weeks… so will tell you more about it all then.

Please consider a purchase from any section at all at La Toriana, and know you are helping a needy cause and a non profit organisation that is in need of funds.  10% of all sales from this premmie section will go to the National Premmie Foundation in 2008.

Volunteers Supporting Premature Babies

I wanted to tell you about the wonderful work many volunteers in our community have been doing.

Yesterday, many braved the cool, wintery weather, away from family and friends to help out with suport of Loddon Mallee Kids (LMK), to help increase awareness about the wonderful support available locally for families who have had a premmie baby, and also to spread the word about National Premmie Day next week.

We never hear much about the people “behind the scenes”.  The people, whom without, there would not be the strength of the non profit group like Loddon Mallee Kids. I would like to introduce the “real faces, the real people” who are doing amazing volunteer work.

These wonderful ladies below did a tremendous job chatting to many people in the BENDIGO Marketplace yesterday.  I was so amazed at the wonderful attitude of the Bendigo community, many whom bought pens, keyrings, raffle tickets and Roses.  Many people after being told what LMK and National Premmie Day was about, and listened to what these wonderful women were trying to do in our community didnt want to buy anything, but gave money without a word. $10, $5  was common, and most who did buy something gave their change back as a donation.  What generaous and spirited people.

Most of all I was in awe of these amazing ladies below who tirelessly chatted to so many people all day long.  Their committment, dedication and true desire to help shone through and the day was a success.

Amanda, LMK Secretary (left in the first pic) holds the “Childrens Rose” which is part of this years fund raising with the National Premmie Foundation.  Belinda, Playgroup and Newsletter coordinator , holds  a Tummy Bear Prem baby doll that can be made to the size of your own prem baby.  Bianca, the amazing President of Loddon Mallee Kids organised the day beautifully, thats her in the red cardigan.

Prem Baby Supporters

The second picture shows Bianca, Zoe (founder of Tummy Bear) and the creator of all the prem dolls you see in the pictures,  Angela, Bendigo Health rep, Belinda, and Nicole on the end who is the Loddon Mallee Kids Teasurer.  Well done ladies,  an excellent team effort yesterday!

LMK aims to provide support and information to families and carers of prematurely born or seriously ill infants and children.

LMK offers health professional and support agency links and contatcts when appropriate.

The work done by these, and other members of Loddon Mallee  Kids is done all voluntarily and in view of helping other families in our community have support and guidence where needed. They are all to be commended for their hard work.

Please, if you would like to help a non profit organisation, please check out the Loddon Mallee Kids website to learn more.

Remember National Premmie Day is July 25th.   Please visit to know more, and check out Loddon Mallee Kids


Birth of a Premature Baby…

La Toriana launches Prem baby catagory for National Premmie Day

La Toriana has been passionate about supporting Premature Babies.

July 25th marks 2008 National Premmie Day.

Elizabeth, founder of La Toriana ,  who has had 3 prem babies, is an keen supporter of National Premmie and also her local group, Loddon Mallee Kids

It is a hard road for many families experiencing the birth of a prem baby, and a rollercoaster ride for sometime afterwards.  There are some amazing supports out there these days like the above groups and websites such as , that are all about helping families and friends who are touched by the birth of a premature baby.

La Toriana have released this week their premmie section.  It is hard finding prem baby clothes and  accessories.  La Toriana would love you to check out their prem baby clothing lines and some new releases coming very soon in organic premature baby clothing.

Having a baby is an amazing, joyous occasion.

Friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances all gather around sending congratulatory cards, flowers, gifts. They all can’t wait to visit the new baby, have a hold and pat dad on the back, go out for that celebratory drink and give the mum a warm hug and flowers. Everyone is happy and knows how to react.

Is it the same when a baby is born premature? No, not always.

It’s a very frightening time for the parents whose baby comes too early or is sick. The joy soon turns to fear and panic and so sets in a rollercoaster ride. Every single minute is precious. It’s an extremely worrying time.  It’s a very isolating time for the parents. There is a fear they may loose their baby, may have long term health issues or concerns of being able to cope. Of guilt, anger and fear.

Friends and family are often feeling at a loss too.
Many will not send a congratulatory card or present, just in case the baby passes away and it could upset the parents. Many will *wait* and see how things go before they send a card. Sometimes this could be a couple months later.

Tips for supporting a friend/family with a prem/sick baby

  • Do send a card, present soon after if that’s what you had intended on doing, to congratulate the arrival of their much loved baby
  • Do knowledge it’s a stressful time
  • Offer positive feedback on the baby, their name, pics etc
  • Give them a journal to write their journey at this time, a book of comfort or similar gift
  • Do keep in touch, via a quick call, text, email or letter during their time in hospital to let them know you are thinking of them, even though they possible wont be up to returning calls etc for a while
  • Offers of help at home, with other kids, animals, work, where you can during this time.
  • Drop over frozen meals for the dad/family or once they get home from hospital
  • Give mum a special notebook so she can diarise her journey through this time.
  • Offer to do washing, shopping etc so its one less thing mum or dad needs to think about
  • Offer to pass on info to other friends/family for them
  • Do be there to listen and offer comfort
  • Please don’t offer parenting advise, your experiences, pry or pass judgement (its hard enough for the parents… no matter how well meaning you are)
  • Please don’t be self cantered and think of YOUR feelings on the situation,

Today there is so much more support available locally and nationally. As a parent, or friend of someone who has had a prem baby, there is a lot of support.

mumzone has an amazing amount of support and information for all mums.

La Toriana is giving the National Premmie Foundation 10% of all sales from July 15th to July 25th.  We are also giving you another 10% off too, type NPF as the code at checkout to automatically receive this.

Organic … The Best For Your Baby and Kids

These days organic baby clothing and organic toys are  becoming very big, especially when all us mums want to be able to give our kids the very best start in life we can.

There are so many harmful chemicals in paints, dyes, glues and other things for baby toys and baby gifts and baby products not to mention toddlers and kids toys.  And  baby clothes?  well so many companies “claim” to be of organic materials, but have proven not to be.

Organic Baby Clothing

At La Toriana, we are sourcing  options for organic baby gifts, clothes and toys.  Many mums are eco friendly conscious and love being able to provide their babies and kids with as much eco friendly and organic products as possible.  At La Toriana, we love, and our proud of the many great organic products we have in our  online baby boutique… some which you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere online.

Have you seen or even tried our organic and eco friendly products?  babyJo have amazingly soft organic baby clothing that is 100% organic bamboo.  The organic cotton baby clothing from Lambykins, which include organic cotton T shirts, baby pants, warps and bibs. Organic T’s from Huggalugs and the eco friendly wooden toys from anamalz.

The new oopsidaisi organic lip balm thats great for kids, mums and anyone, and their organic lavender products like their babushka sachets that are great for any room of the house and my favourite, as a sleep and relaxation aid for my daughter at bedtime.  If you are looking for quality organic baby skincare and bath products you cant go past the organic Gaia Skin Natural  range

No matter what… the Australian organic products for baby and kids are fast becoming something that all you Australian and mums are looking for.

I dont blame you… I am too!

Designer Baby Wear and Kids Clothes Online…

Its a Winter Wonderland at La Toriana and we want to warm you up! 

check out some new additions…

Baby and Kids Wear

there are so many choices these days with online shopping for baby wear and kids clothes.  This time of year is great for great bargains too.  At La Toriana you can grab a great stocktake bargain.   from now til June 30th we are giving you a 30% off storewide… yep… you heard right!  Ends midnight June 30 though!  enter code WOW and will automatically take this off.

Not all baby wear and kids clothes designers are the same.  At La Toriana we are showcasing some great Australian designers and many are mums in business.  We are lucky enough to have some exclusive labels that you will be hard pressed to find online, and others are semi exclusive, where we are one of select few online retailers.  Check out Oopsidaisi, Nanny Pickle, Nana Huchy, Oobi baby, lazybones, Vanchi, Tea Princess, Britt design, annieB,

C’mon… take a peek inside to see what takes your fancy.  Organic kids and baby clothes, eco friendly wooden toys, funky, designer hip clothes, baby gifts, christening ideas and even gifts for mums and dads.

Long Overdue…. But Here It Is

Kids WearI have been meaning for months to get the La fake jerseys Toriana Blog fake jerseys happening…. so here it is… finally!

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grab a cuppa

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…. we know you will.