Join In The Celebrations With Cake Lingerie

Cake Lingerie Brand, La Toriana

Cake Lingerie have DONE IT!!!

Cake Lingerie is an Australian boutique brand, specialising in the creation of exquisite, high fashion maternity and nursing lingerie. A unique blend of luxury, elegance, comfort and culminates into the Cake Lingerie product.

Remember the call out for real mums we did we did where Cake Lingerie  needed everyone’s help to find REAL MUMS  for a photo shoot?

well above is a pic from that shoot and call out!  YAY!   there is more coming… so stay tuned…. its very exciting. You just have to wait a bit longer!!


to help celebrate this great news, La Toriana together with Cake Lingerie want you to join in the celebrations too.  Cake Lingerie have kindly donated an amazing prize!!!

Cookies N Cream Cake Lingerie

Yep… one of our gorgeous  followers (yes… maybe YOU)    will win an amazing Cookies ‘N Cream or Strawberry Shortcake lingerie set.  (selected recipient will have a choice between the 2 styles above and size  between sizes 10B-16F).

This giveaway will be drawn by Cake Lingerie July 14th, 2010 and will be sent from Cake Lingerie direct to you!!

(if you win… now that’s very exciting!)

Cake Lingerie Bra, La Toriana

So… wondering what do you need to do to win?

 ** its easy **

 and you can enter in different ways, and more ways gives you more entries!
join in one or all of the above!.  Yes more entries for more places you comment…
* visit the Cake Lingerie website and tell us here which design in store you love most and why.

Cake Lingerie is an international designer brand, specialising in the creation of sophisticated maternity and nursing lingerie. Cake delivers beautiful lingerie that intertwines sensual comfort & a secure fit with much needed style and polish.

Worn and loved by celebrities around the world, Cake Lingerie empowers women to celebrate their new found curves with graceful elegance. With astonishing attention to detail, this gorgeous collection will make you look and feel fabulous.

so… get cracking girls….   lets help Cake Lingerie celebrate REAL MUMS and you can win one of the above gorgeous sets!!  The winner will be chosen at random by staff at Cake Lingerie.


elkizabeth xx


A Thankful Mothers Day

Mother's Day Photos

This week I have been thinking of 10 years ago… where I was told I would never have a child, I would never be a natural mother.  So much has happened since then, I could easily write a book!

I have so much to be thankful for.

The photo above shows my little baby girl, sick in SCBU a few weeks old.  I am so very lucky that she is here and now a robust 7 year old.  I am so looking forward to the card she will make me, the rock she has painted for me and the excitement she is going through right now as at school they are making something “special” for mum.  She has her $10 ready to spend at the Mothers Day stall at school and is planning what to make me for breakfast Mothers Day morning. (with dads help of course)

There will be so many exciting little children who just wont be able to hide their excitement and to pamper mum with presents and breakfast, hugs and kisses.  There will be lots of flowers picked and purchased, visits to cemetery’s, gorgeous lunches and lopsided ceramic mugs especially made for mums that will have pride of place in many homes this weekend.

Three Sisters Angels

I am almost positive there are many mums about who will be spending lots of time this Mothers Day in NICU, SCBU and hospitals, are also so very  thankful too.  Please give a thought to these mums, many who are scared, thankful, feeling overwhelmed.  Its a HUGE, rollercoaster ride having a premature baby, a sick child and all the whilst I can imagine each one peering through the isolette, into cots and feeling an overwhelming love and bond that only a mother has for their child.

There is so much to be thankful for.

Happy Mothers Day!


Elizabeth xx

Dedicated to Mums With “Empty Arms and Heavy Hearts”

Twin Angels

Last Mothers day I wrote from the heart, and more on the anniversary date and had so many people email to  “chat”.  They knew how I felt as they too had been through similar experiences.

The loss of a child.

We belong to a club no one wants to belong to… one where the common bond is heartbreaking.  This can be so isolating for many, so there is some comfort connecting with other mums, knowing we are not alone.

There are many new mums this Mothers Day who have heavy hearts and empty arms.  Many mums may have had miscarriages, loss of a neonate, a child…  be it a baby, teenager or adult.  No matter what age, mums are feeling it at this special celebration day of mothers.

With the release this week of the 3rd edition of Little ONE baby magazine, the interviews with 4 brave women telling about their loss of a baby is compelling.  Their stories are heartfelt, sombre and inspiring.  I  want to dedicate a special poem to mums this Mothers Day, who cannot be with their children as they have grown wings.  I always take comfort in words, poetry and music that often reaches me right to my very core of my soul and  inner self.  I am feeling for this special group of mothers this special day who may find it painfully hard.

La Toriana Logo, Online Store.La Toriana ~ the name and logo is  a major comfort to me. Combining our 3 daughters names into something thats so strong and lasting.  I love the name, though may not mean anything to anyone else… it does to me.  I love being able to provide quality premmie baby clothing online to the parents, family and friends for babies born early.  Its something I am very passionate about after having had 3 premmie babies.

Its funny how things just vividly stick in your mind isnt it.

Some things I don’t remember about the twins and then other things are just like it was this morning.  Its almost 9 years since Lara and Victoria became angels due to prematurity after medical issues in my pregnancy.  I still cannot believe it all happened.

I vividly remember the time we told family we were having twins… was the happiest day, I was elated.

I vividly remember cooking salmon  fettuccine when “it” all started…. where my dreams started to fall apart.

I vividly remember that one tiny spot of blood on the bathroom floor in my hospital room and the nurse saying “Oh that’s ok.. nothing to worry about” and left

I vividly remember that frantic feeling, that helpless feeling when the drs said “there may be nothing we can do”

I vividly remember that angry old woman frantically breaking down the door to get to me (this was days after the emergency surgery,  a hallucination from medications as there was no door, just a blank wall… but at the time was SO REAL)

I vivdly remember the looks on peoples faces when they saw me for the first time afterwards.  Some were of pity, some of true sorrow, some eyes just searching mine for help as to what they should say.

I vividly remember one person in particular come over about 3 months later, at a time I was feeling down and said matter of factly ”oh aren’t you over it yet?”

I vivdly remember the first time a stranger asked me at swimming “how many children do you have?” and I couldnt answer.

and I vividly remember Nardine, someone I recently only met coming over and handing me chocolate at the door… not wanting to come in, but wanting to help in some small way

I know this Mothers Day I am not alone in missing my babies.  There are many mums out there who cannot cuddle and kiss their children, no matter what age.  Some mums will be sad, heartbroken with heavy hearts and emty arms.  These mums I reach out to as I remember vividly that first Mothers Day after the twins passed away.   I was lost and scared.

Some mums will have a bittersweet day.   I take comfort in knowing that Lara and Victoria are part of our family this Mothers Day, and are here with us, everyday, in spirit.

This is a poem that I truly love.

To ALL mums out there, with heave hearts and empty arms, may you have a wonderful, special Mothers Day.

A Mother’s Day Wish From Heaven

Dear Mr. Hallmark,
I am writing to you from heaven, and though it must appear
A rather strange idea, I see everything from here.
I just popped in to visit, your stores to find a card
A card of love for my mother, as this day for her is hard.
There must be some mistake I thought, every card you could imagine
Except I could not find a card, from a child who lives in heaven.
She is still a mother too, no matter where I resideI had to leave,
she understands, but oh the tears she’s cried.
I thought that if I wrote you, that you would come to know
that though I live in heaven now, I still love my mother so.
she talks with me, and dreams with me; we still share laughter too,
Memories our way of speaking now, would you see what you could do?
My mother carries me in her heart, her tears she hides from sight.
She writes poems to honor me, sometimes far into the night
She plants flowers in my garden, there my living memory dwells
She writes to other grieving parents, trying to ease their pain as well.
So you see Mr. Hallmark, though I no longer live on earth
I must find a way, to remind her of her wondrous worth
She needs to be honored, and remembered too
Just as the children of earth will do.
Thank you Mr. Hallmark, I know you’ll do your best
I have done all I can do; to you I’ll leave the rest.
Find a way to tell her, how much she means to me
Until I can do it for myself, when she joins me in eternity.
~ by Jody Seilheimer ~

To ALL mums, may you have a wonderful Mothers Day.


Elizabeth xx

“The mention of my girls names may bring tears to my eyes,
But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
my friends, let me hear the beautiful music of our gorgeous girls names.
Dont be afraid. It soothes my brokenheart, and sings to my soul.”

Mums Night Out…. Are You Going?

Mums Night OutOnce upon a time …

You were energetic, fun-loving and didn’t have a care in the world …

You’re still fun-loving, you just can’t remember the last time you had some. You’re tired, you’re stressed, you’re feeling like the worst mum in the world …

You’re feeling like a grumpy ogre, and you have for some time now …

You haven’t had a break in ages, and you haven’t spoken to someone over three foot tall in such a long time …

It occasionally crosses your mind about wanting to get out and have a bit of time out for you …

Just imagine … a night of no stress, no pressures and no one wanting something from you the second you sit down.

Enjoy not just the thought of someone serving YOU food and bringing YOU wine, but actually doing it. Without being asked thirty five times.

Feel the freedom of no interruptions, letting your hair down and letting loose!

Have the biggest belly laugh you’ve had in a long time, conversations with adults, hand massages and makeovers.

Dance, relax and have FUN! Remember that?

Go home rejuvenated and with a special give just for YOU!

Go home a relaxed, happy, smiling mum …

Do something for you – and the BEST thing you can do for your kids –

 and book your ticket NOW!

 I have to say… Last year I went for the first time and WOW… what a night!  I had the best time… met so many great women whom I have kept in touch with and now classed as my friends.

The atmosphere was “electric” and so much fun!!!

The laughter was “contagious”

the flashes from camera’s was “bling-a-fying”

and the prizes and goody bag were unbelievable!

needless to say…

 I am going back again this year…..

Don’t forget to look for me there… love to chat to you all!


Elizabeth xx

Gift Ideas for Mums

Style Collective Talks ~ “Designer Style for Mums”

Style Collective Products at La Toriana

At La Toriana we have some very exciting GUEST BLOG POSTS coming from some amazing online groups out there.  Amanda from Style Collective is our first.  Amanda shows some amazing idea’s, inspirations and products for us mums.  Enjoy!


Style Collective Sponsor Banner

The change of season is one of my favourite times of year… it means racks full of delicious new fashion, and a great excuse to hit the stores in aid of wardrobe rehabilitation. This season I’m particularly obsessed with garments from independent designers. The retail benefits are two fold… you’re supporting the livelihood of an indie artist and you’re securing a unique (often one-of-a-kind) piece. We have a rich selection of indie artists in Australia and with the creation of online markets like Madeit and Etsy, we also have access to indie designers across the country and the globe. If you’re sporting some luscious curves, indie shopping is also a great way for plus size fashionistas to pick up some fashion forward styles.

Here are a few pieces from my current indie wish list to get you in the mood for hunting indie treasures!

  1. Parisienne Fille Dress Mother Maria –
  2. Fly Away With Me Necklace by Oh Deer! –
  3. Fresh Flowers Handmade Bag by Daphne –
  4. Kitsch & Cute Birdy Brooch by Howdy Stranger –
  5. Zen Bordeaux Linen Ballet Flats –
  6. Plus Size Betty’s Boatneck Blouse by Stefanie Bezaire –
  7. Dainty French Garden Locket necklace by Pretty Peonies –
  8. Lion Tamer Scarf by Artish –
  9. Rue des Rosiers Dress by Shaina Mote –

Amanda Haines | Director | Style Collective |

Thanks Amanda…  popped on and saw these gorgeous items.  I am sure there is something here for all us mums!

Styles for Mothers Outfit for Mothers

I agree, there is so much talent in Australian designers, and its wonderful to be able to tap into them through groups mentioned above and through Style Collective online.  Modern mums can now tap into online designers and gorgeous womens fashions at the click of a button, with delivery the next day!! Plus… not only are there sections for mums, there is also a Bridal section, Urban living section and Junior section.

Yep… thats my sort of shopping!!

La Toriana has been very honoured to have been featured in this online magazine.

Tea Winter Kids Designer Clothing

Girl in Stylish Clothes

 Always looking for Guest Blog Posts, so if you have an online magazine, forum, directory etc, why not contact me.

You Sexy Mother ~ Inspirational Book *GIVEAWAY*

You Sexy Journal Giveaway

 Featured Business

The You Sexy Mother books redefine what it means to be a mum

today…one who is sexy, vibrant, healthy, happy and engaged in a life

that has meaning and value.

When she became a mother herself, Jodie Hedley-Ward failed to find

any book that supported her own beliefs about what motherhood could,

and should, be, so she set about writing one herself. You Sexy Mother

was the triumphant result.

Since then, thousands of women have read and absorbed the You Sexy

Mother philosophy, then sought further information and contact with

other women through the author’s busy website

Jodie has also received hundreds of emails from women whose lives

have been positively changed through reading the book and by adapting

many of the practical suggestions to their own lives.


Inspired by these women, Jodie created You Sexy Mother: The Journal

($24.99, March 2010), a beautiful but practical follow-up to her first

book, offering sensible advice on self-perception, self-respect, the

importance of relationships, simplifying your life, creativity through

motherhood and making use of community resources.


The Journal is also a workbook, containing numerous reflection

questions, quotes and thoughts designed to stimulate inner growth and

change. Jodie has also updated the transformational ten-day turnaround

plan that appeared in her first book, making this book even more useful.

Jodie’s publicity tour to Sydney in April/May will coincide with the

release of results of the Australia Motherhood Study, which Jodie and

clinical psychologist, Dr Angela Huntsman launched on Mothers’ Day

  1. Mothers were asked via an anonymous on-line questionnaire

to talk about how they think and feel about their role as mothers. Both

researchers will be giving a keynote address in New York City this May,

at the Association for Research on Mothering (ARM)/Mamapalooza

“Representing Motherhood: Mothers in the Arts, Literature, Media and

Popular Culture” conference, May 20-22, 2010, New York City.

Jodie YSM Journal Author

About the Author:

Jodie Hedley-Ward has several degrees including a Master of Business,

and worked as a marketing executive around the world, before marriage

to David and two children. She now lives in Queensland.

Visit and for

more on Jodie’s work and being part of the study.

Thanks Jodie!!

I personally have read the 2 books. 

It is a “real” book about our own lives, our choices and the difference from before kids to afterwards, and choices about being a “real” woman and a mother.  Whether you are a working mum, stay at home mum or whatever, its about what your heart is telling you, your choices and not anyone elses.  I wish I had read this book years ago  (if onl;y it was written!)  I left a corporate, ladder climbing career in health to be a mum working from home.  I grappled with it at the time, then embraced it.  It felt right, though pressures from many other streams seeped in at times.  I hit rock bottom at the stage when  after years of trying for a baby, was blessed with twin girls, who, though management of my pregnancy  I became septic and so did my girls.  they were born premature, struggled and passed away. I lost a sense of self at that time.  I wish I was able to have read this book back then.  I went on to have another (torrid) pregnancy and climbed up, but this book would of helped me sour with a self acceptance, perception and self, have courage and affirmations I so needed at the time.  A very well written book and I would recommend this to any mother out there. There is no manual when it comes to mothering.  No right or wrong way. There will be good days, exceptional days, bad days and extraordinary days… and thats ok!!  Jodie helps us look at our role as a mother and move forward to being the mum, woman WE WANT to be.

Your Sexy Mother redefines what it means to be a mum today!

One who is sexy, vibrant, healthy, happy and engaged in a life that has meaning and value

You Sexy Mother is a book of transformation

It invites you to look at your role as mother in new and empowering ways, and encourages you to gain more from the experience of motherhood. The author documents her own journey through her personal diary entries, but also incorporates inspirational stories of transformation from other women she has met.

You Sexy Mother features the 10-day Turnaround Plan

A fast-track programme designed to create explosive change and set you on the path to leading the life you truly want and deserve!

You Sexy Motherby Jodie Hedley-Ward is published by Exisle Publishing and is available in bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand for RRP AU$29.99. For a signed copy, visit …. tell her we sent you!!


Jodie has just launched this The Journal a couple weeks ago.  Jodie has given us a copy of the HOT OFF THE PRESS  You Sexy Mother The Journal Journal to giveaway.  All you need to do is comment here about a positive experience about you as a mother.

Drawn April 30th 2010 and drawn entry will be sent in time for Mothers Day!  We have asked Jodie herself to draw the winner!

CAKE LINGERIE ~ Search For Real Mums (They Need YOU)

Blue Berry Torte Robe Pant

Featured Designer

~*~  Our friends over at Cake Lingerie are looking for YOU ~*~

Cake Lingerie Search for Real Mum Ad

The 2010 “Let them Eat Cake” collection is absolutely divine.  The products are stunning, and the comfort and style are amazing.  You think the photographs look great?  they are so much better in real life.  I am sure once you have tried the products, you will be sending in your praises!

We all know you have been following this gorgeous range since we showcased them on our BLOG in Januray this year.  Oh I just love their stunning maternity bras what a stunner!!! So, if you liked that, you need to see the amazing 2010 “Let Them Eat Cake” range.

Blueberry Robe Pant for Women

French Vanilla Bra
Plum Pudding Bra

Plum Pudding Underwear Collection


The team at Cake Lingerie are looking for 5 pregnant or nursing mothers to help them brand the gorgeous collection of Cake Lingerie… and you get some freebies too!

Now… I KNOW my customers who fit this call-out are all gorgeous… so why not submit your photo and be in it.  It will be lots of fun and what a great story to tell your little one.  The Team at Cake Lingerie want REAL mums for their beautiful promotional video on mums…. and … yep…  that’s YOU!

If you are looking for gorgeous designer maternity and nursing wear, pop on over to the gorgeous Cake Lingerie website… and don’t forget to tell them we sent you!  If you do happen to be involved in this bubbly, fun promotional video… will will also feature you at La Toriana when it comes out….

Maternity and nursing lingerie was never this fashionable when I was pregnant!!

how very exciting…

Up the Duff ~ Belly Art

Up the Duff Belly Art

Featured Designer

These creations are from Kym Hamilton, Up the Duff Belly art

Wording by Kym

mum to a beautiful 4 year old girl named Charm. We live on the Gold Coast, in the lush hinterland of the Currumbin Valley. I started my business “Up the Duff” Belly Art 6 months ago, painting murals on friends belly’s for fun.

Art on Belly

I travel to you and baby showers are my specialty. You can use your own design or pick one of mine. I use non toxic face paints and after my masterpiece is complete I send you a choice of 6×4 or 8×10 photos.

Pregnant belly Art

For a unique and memorable baby shower, please book ahead on 0755330217 or 0410531971, Happy days and Belly rubs, from Kym

Kym in Charm Belly Art

Thanks for sharing Kym… wow… some great designs here I am sure many mums in your area would love to get done.  What a great photo keepsake these would be for the child when they are older too!

warmly   Elizabeth xx

Queen Bee Maternity ~ Ideal Maternity Clothes During Your Pregnancy

Quenbee Fashion for Preggy Mums

 Featured Business

Are you expecting a baby?  Looking for gorgeous maternity wear thats full of quality, thats stylish and wont break the budget?  look no further…Queen Bee is your answer.

Queen Bee® is an exclusive Australian online boutique which brings you a fabulous range of stylish, quality maternity and nursing wear sourced from Sydney and around the globe. Founded in May 2005 by Sharon (mother of 2 adorable boys) and nurtured with devotion, passion and much dedication – queen bee has evolved into the most sought after online shopping destination on every pregnant ladies wish list! 

Why shop with Queen Bee? – recognised for our extensive collection from basics to evening wear, we have over 50 pregnancy fashion labels in immediate stock to select from.   Combined with our super FAST delivery, excellent customer service and easy return/exchange policy – our mission is to make every ladies transition to motherhood as fashionable as it is beautiful.   As a breastfeeding mother to my two boys (mitchell till 3 years, koby still feeding at 2 years!) I am passionate about stylish nursing wear and am proud to stock by far the most stylish range in Australia

What sets us apart from the rest? – VERSATILITY, QUALITY, STYLE and COMFORT are qualities synonymous across our brands – we want mummies to both feel fabulous and look fabulous at such an important and special stage of their lives.  Best of all, whether it be work wear or maternity jeans – all our pieces are so stylish they can be worn well after baby is born!  Aussie celebrities toni pearen and catriona rowntree are firm queen bee fans…

Pregnancy fashion tips

1.  A great pair of maternity jeans is a must-have in your maternity wear wardrobe.  Too many women try to wear non-maternity jeans when they are pregnant but in bigger sizes to fit the belly.  The problem with this is that they tend to look baggy and ill-fitting everywhere else.  Queen Bee has a great range of maternity jeans

that look just like regular jeans but have a flattering fit and are made to adapt to your changing figure.  My personal favourite is the MAVI maternity jeans available from Queen Bee, available in skinny leg and bootleg styles.

2.  Another must for your maternity wear wardrobe is a wrap dress that is flattering, easy to wear and comfortable.  This can take you to work or a casual outing. You can also team it with some statement accessories for a dressier look.  The Maternal America Chantelle tie front dress from Queen Bee is really popular and was worn by Catriona Rowtree.

Quenbee Pregnant Fashion

  1. Comfortable maternity leggings are an essential part of your wardrobe all year round. This is a great trans-seasonal staple that you can layer under dresses and skirts.  Trimester Oasis 3/4 leggings have a great underbelly fit and will hug your body for comfort.
  1. Empire line tops are not only comfortable but flattering in that they enhance your beautiful (ever changing!) shape. Match it with jeans, pants or a pencil skirt.  The Milky Way Taylah Shirred Maternity/Nursing top has beautiful angle wing sleeves and comes in a gorgeous jewel purple.
  2. With your bust growing it is important to invest in a few maternity/nursing bras.  Perfect for mums-to-be who want extra bust support at night during their pregnancy.  Also, once your baby is born, it is also great for breastfeeding.  Queen Bee’s Milla Rose pink nursing bra is easy to wear, just slip it on – as there are no hooks or clips! And has discreet inseam pockets on the inside to put breastpads.Queenbee Maternity Clothing

     Head on over the Queen Bee for the hottest looks in maternity clothing at prices you will love.  Check out the Queen Bee BLOG too… great ideas, tips and news.
    There are amazing and gorgeous items, from casual to chic, Partying to practical wear too.  Ahhh I suggest you quick smart pop on over to Queen Bee website and check

Cake Lingerie ~ Stylish Fashion for Expecting Mums

Cake Lingerie Maternity and Nursing Underwear

Cake Lingerie is an Australian designer brand, specialising in the creation of exquisite, high fashion maternity and nursing lingerie. This ultimate blend of luxury and function through contemporary design, quality fabrics and superior workmanship, forms the ethos of the Cake Lingerie brand.

Inspired by vintage old-school glamour, Cake intimates is designed to exude elegance and femininity in its wearer, providing for audacious charm and confidence. With astonishing attention to detail, this gorgeous collection makes mothers feel special every day

Black Maternity Lingerie

Cake was born in 2008 when its founder; Tracey Montford yearned for beautiful lingerie during her pregnancy. All she could find was matronly, high cupped, uninspiring and unflattering product which did nothing for her self esteem and pride, during this period of vulnerability.

She chose to do something about it herself, designing Cake Lingerie to give pregnant and breast-feeding mothers an opportunity to ‘Celebrate Motherhood’ as every mother deserves the best.

Cake Lingerie is attracting tremendous worldwide acclaim, stocked in over 100 high end lingerie and maternity boutiques around the world and growing. Created for the new generation of mothers, Cake continues to infuse high standards of style, innovation and technology to bring immense joy to women around the world.

Strawberry Shorcake Maternity Underwear

Why Cake?

Cake is rich, fun, indulgent, satisfying and delicious! Cake Lingerie embodies these very same emotions. And it has been created with you in mind.

Cake Lingerie is an Australian designer brand, specialising in the creation of luxurious maternity lingerie, nursing bras, sleepwear and nightwear.

Inspired by vintage old-school glamour, Cake intimates are classically styled for timeless appeal and created to exude femininity and elegance in its wearer.

It is aimed at the 28+ woman who loves wearing quality lingerie. Cake Lingerie is made from luxurious fabrics and to superior workmanship. We maintain a very high standard of product, creativity and imagery. Our plans are global and the product is currently being sold in over 20 countries with plans currently underway in many more.

Raspberry Ripple Maternity Lingerie

Celebrating Motherhood

 Cake Lingerie has the glamour and style to make you feel good and all the components of a good maternity and nursing bra.  Combining fashion and function isnt hard and Cake Lingerie certainly has cornered the market.  Their sizing chart online certainly helps to ensure you get the right sizing.  With so many stores now stocking this great Australian maternity fashion collection, why not pop into a store near you to be fitted by an expert.  See their stockist page online for more details

Preggy Mum Cookies n Cream Undies

Thank you to Cake Lingerie… what stunning maternity wear collection here.  Certainly wasnt about when I was pregnant!!  I am sure there are many mums to be out there that will be visiting your website and your stockists very soon.  Take advantage everyone of their FREE underwear promo

Keep up the wonderful work and we all look forward to seeing you more and more in the Australian Fashion media and raves.

Warmly Elizabeth xx