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The You Sexy Mother books redefine what it means to be a mum

today…one who is sexy, vibrant, healthy, happy and engaged in a life

that has meaning and value.

When she became a mother herself, Jodie Hedley-Ward failed to find

any book that supported her own beliefs about what motherhood could,

and should, be, so she set about writing one herself. You Sexy Mother

was the triumphant result.

Since then, thousands of women have read and absorbed the You Sexy

Mother philosophy, then sought further information and contact with

other women through the author’s busy website

Jodie has also received hundreds of emails from women whose lives

have been positively changed through reading the book and by adapting

many of the practical suggestions to their own lives.


Inspired by these women, Jodie created You Sexy Mother: The Journal

($24.99, March 2010), a beautiful but practical follow-up to her first

book, offering sensible advice on self-perception, self-respect, the

importance of relationships, simplifying your life, creativity through

motherhood and making use of community resources.


The Journal is also a workbook, containing numerous reflection

questions, quotes and thoughts designed to stimulate inner growth and

change. Jodie has also updated the transformational ten-day turnaround

plan that appeared in her first book, making this book even more useful.

Jodie’s publicity tour to Sydney in April/May will coincide with the

release of results of the Australia Motherhood Study, which Jodie and

clinical psychologist, Dr Angela Huntsman launched on Mothers’ Day

  1. Mothers were asked via an anonymous on-line questionnaire

to talk about how they think and feel about their role as mothers. Both

researchers will be giving a keynote address in New York City this May,

at the Association for Research on Mothering (ARM)/Mamapalooza

“Representing Motherhood: Mothers in the Arts, Literature, Media and

Popular Culture” conference, May 20-22, 2010, New York City.

Jodie YSM Journal Author

About the Author:

Jodie Hedley-Ward has several degrees including a Master of Business,

and worked as a marketing executive around the world, before marriage

to David and two children. She now lives in Queensland.

Visit and for

more on Jodie’s work and being part of the study.

Thanks Jodie!!

I personally have read the 2 books. 

It is a “real” book about our own lives, our choices and the difference from before kids to afterwards, and choices about being a “real” woman and a mother.  Whether you are a working mum, stay at home mum or whatever, its about what your heart is telling you, your choices and not anyone elses.  I wish I had read this book years ago  (if onl;y it was written!)  I left a corporate, ladder climbing career in health to be a mum working from home.  I grappled with it at the time, then embraced it.  It felt right, though pressures from many other streams seeped in at times.  I hit rock bottom at the stage when  after years of trying for a baby, was blessed with twin girls, who, though management of my pregnancy  I became septic and so did my girls.  they were born premature, struggled and passed away. I lost a sense of self at that time.  I wish I was able to have read this book back then.  I went on to have another (torrid) pregnancy and climbed up, but this book would of helped me sour with a self acceptance, perception and self, have courage and affirmations I so needed at the time.  A very well written book and I would recommend this to any mother out there. There is no manual when it comes to mothering.  No right or wrong way. There will be good days, exceptional days, bad days and extraordinary days… and thats ok!!  Jodie helps us look at our role as a mother and move forward to being the mum, woman WE WANT to be.

Your Sexy Mother redefines what it means to be a mum today!

One who is sexy, vibrant, healthy, happy and engaged in a life that has meaning and value

You Sexy Mother is a book of transformation

It invites you to look at your role as mother in new and empowering ways, and encourages you to gain more from the experience of motherhood. The author documents her own journey through her personal diary entries, but also incorporates inspirational stories of transformation from other women she has met.

You Sexy Mother features the 10-day Turnaround Plan

A fast-track programme designed to create explosive change and set you on the path to leading the life you truly want and deserve!

You Sexy Motherby Jodie Hedley-Ward is published by Exisle Publishing and is available in bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand for RRP AU$29.99. For a signed copy, visit …. tell her we sent you!!


Jodie has just launched this The Journal a couple weeks ago.  Jodie has given us a copy of the HOT OFF THE PRESS  You Sexy Mother The Journal Journal to giveaway.  All you need to do is comment here about a positive experience about you as a mother.

Drawn April 30th 2010 and drawn entry will be sent in time for Mothers Day!  We have asked Jodie herself to draw the winner!

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