Who is Behind the Scenes… At “LittleONE Baby?”

Little One Baby Clothes

Anyone who has worked in media knows that there is nothing glamourous going on behind the scenes…and what with the old adage ‘don’t work with children or animals’, LittleONE Baby undertakes some unique challenges to create the beautiful shots that you see on the glossy pages!

Everyone who works on LittleONE Baby is a mum (or a dad, not forgetting Dustin!) and at the shoot for the cover of Issue 2 it was ALL hands on deck!

Little One Magazine Photoshoot

Little One Baby


Associate Editor, Amy Sim’s, two beautiful little girls were on hand with one year old, Dylan, entertaining the ‘talent’ and four year old, Emerson, keeping watch over Publishing Editor, Amy Doak’s, then three month old, Oscar.  Photographer, Lisa Nankervis, has two little boys and her five year old, Gus, was on duty finding new toys to keep the babies happy!  In this photo, seven month old, Joshua, is surrounded by the action and his mum, Nicole, is trying for that perfect expression!


In the end, we moved Joshua to some better light and, (in the old ‘the news anchor never wear pants under that desk’ kind of action) we got the perfect cover shot (once we cropped that nappy!)

A crazy day…but nothing on the day before…14 babies in a row with

24 different outfits…!  But so worth it for the end result, wouldn’t you say?

Little One Baby Magazine

~ Amy Doak ~ 


LittleONE Baby

Thanks Amy!!

As an avid fan of LittleONE baby Magazine.. its a great glossy, national baby magazine and much loved and talked about everwhere I go.

I love to see the “real” people and the “real” how-to-do’s of what makes a great photo in a magazine.

wow… you would never have known that the cover pic here was taken in a corner of a room.  Great work team! (good thing that was cropped out…lol)

Having been at many photo shoots these last few years… I am always amazed at the great talents that go into the publication of a great photo.  The people who “captivate” the children’s attention… the photographers who just “get into it”  playing and singing and lying on icy cold grass and more, just to capture that great shot.

And they do.

The stylists know their job well, as do the grapho’s and editors…. all come together to producing THAT amazing pic. It all makes it even more real and more great is that these real people are Mums  (and a dad) and really understand.  Great work guys


Who said working with animals and kids is crazy???   I love it!!!

Warmly Elizabeth xx


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