Volunteers Supporting Premature Babies

I wanted to tell you about the wonderful work many volunteers in our community have been doing.

Yesterday, many braved the cool, wintery weather, away from family and friends to help out with suport of Loddon Mallee Kids (LMK), to help increase awareness about the wonderful support available locally for families who have had a premmie baby, and also to spread the word about National Premmie Day next week.

We never hear much about the people “behind the scenes”.  The people, whom without, there would not be the strength of the non profit group like Loddon Mallee Kids. I would like to introduce the “real faces, the real people” who are doing amazing volunteer work.

These wonderful ladies below did a tremendous job chatting to many people in the BENDIGO Marketplace yesterday.  I was so amazed at the wonderful attitude of the Bendigo community, many whom bought pens, keyrings, raffle tickets and Roses.  Many people after being told what LMK and National Premmie Day was about, and listened to what these wonderful women were trying to do in our community didnt want to buy anything, but gave money without a word. $10, $5  was common, and most who did buy something gave their change back as a donation.  What generaous and spirited people.

Most of all I was in awe of these amazing ladies below who tirelessly chatted to so many people all day long.  Their committment, dedication and true desire to help shone through and the day was a success.

Amanda, LMK Secretary (left in the first pic) holds the “Childrens Rose” which is part of this years fund raising with the National Premmie Foundation.  Belinda, Playgroup and Newsletter coordinator , holds  a Tummy Bear Prem baby doll that can be made to the size of your own prem baby.  Bianca, the amazing President of Loddon Mallee Kids organised the day beautifully, thats her in the red cardigan.

Prem Baby Supporters

The second picture shows Bianca, Zoe (founder of Tummy Bear) and the creator of all the prem dolls you see in the pictures,  Angela, Bendigo Health rep, Belinda, and Nicole on the end who is the Loddon Mallee Kids Teasurer.  Well done ladies,  an excellent team effort yesterday!

LMK aims to provide support and information to families and carers of prematurely born or seriously ill infants and children.

LMK offers health professional and support agency links and contatcts when appropriate.

The work done by these, and other members of Loddon Mallee  Kids is done all voluntarily and in view of helping other families in our community have support and guidence where needed. They are all to be commended for their hard work.

Please, if you would like to help a non profit organisation, please check out the Loddon Mallee Kids website to learn more.

Remember National Premmie Day is July 25th.   Please visit www.prembaby.org.au to know more, and check out Loddon Mallee Kids


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