Thought of the Week ~ Dream

Dream, Believe, Plan Achieve


That anything is possible, it is. Dont ever let anyone tell you it cant be done.   They dont really know….. Miracles DO happen.


Believe in your dream and in yourself.  Dont give up when people tell you it cant be done.  Believe you will reach your goal and you are half way there.


Think about your first step to your goal.  You have dreamt about it, you believe in it, now take one baby step towards it.  Write doen your thoughts, your goal and it will soon merge into a plan.  Research it, talk about it, start with one step….. not a flying leap, but one careful step and place it firmly on the ground, and then another.


With your dream, your belief, your plan,  you will soon start to see results.  This is in anything in life.  One baby step will soon take you well on your way to achieving and reaching your destination.  Sure there may be obsticles in the way, life sure wasnt meant to be easy, but dont loose sight of your destination, you CAN do it.  Dont give up.

This mantra has been with me many years now, and I firmly believe in it.  remind me one day to tell you when and why I started using this… its a very long story…..

Believe in your dream and plan towards achieving it.

… Miracles do happen….

Elizabeth xx

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