The Smile Project

The Smile Project, La Toriana

What is ‘The Smile Project’?

Our smiles are a reflection of the joy we feel in our spirit. For most of us, while we don’t always feel like smiling, can when the mood strikes us.

But what if we couldn’t?

What if that experience, that physical joy of feeling our lips twitch and move up as our joy pours out of us and onto our lips, our cheeks, our eyes, for the world to see was literally cut from our faces?

This brutal image is a reality for many women in Africa and from the first moment I saw not only the devastation of this reality, but also the joy and hope in a woman whose smile was restored through a program developed by watoto  called  Living Hope

My heart to find a way to support this incredible program and help restore the smiles and lives of these women whilst capturing the smiles of your lives, your families, your precious moments as your friend and photographer was born.

The most marginalised and wounded people in Africa are women. Left abandoned or widowed and many of them HIV+, they are destitute fearing that their children will soon join the ranks of Africa’s countless orphans. The Living Hope project is making a difference in the lives of many of these women.

How can you be involved in ‘The Smile Project’?

There are a couple ways to support and light to these courageous women and in both these opportunities I am seeking to bless you and your loved ones as well.

 Enter The Smile Project competition:

The Smile Project competition is your opportunity to win a lifestyle photography session with me and image box collection to the value of $2000.

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