Things to Keep Your Kids Entertained While Camping

A camping trip with kids does not have to be overwhelming. It can be fun and easy when proper preparation is done. With planning, you can come up with various activities and games to keep the children engaged and entertained throughout the camping period.

No one wants to deal with kids when they’re bored and restless. So, to help you prevent bored kid syndrome ruining your holiday relaxation time we’ve come up with various activities including, beach volleyball, hammocks, and Frisbee among some other ideas to keep the little rascals occupied.

Beach Volleyball

A beach volleyball kit can provide an excellent opportunity for children to burn a few calories and have a good time as well. Beach volleyball is quite the workout and it also helps improve hand eye coordination, team building skills as well as self-confidence.

Kids Playing Beach Volleyball.

Playing Soccer

Playing soccer is fun for most children as they strive to score and outdo their parents. It affirms their strengths and abilities, keeps them physically fit and provides an opportunity for bonding. Kids find great delight in such physical activities. Setting prizes for each goal makes it even more enjoyable. Kids will strive to attain the highest score and hence enjoy the game more.

Kids Playing Outdoor Soccer.

Setup a Hammock

Possibly suited more for the older kids in the bunch, setting up a hammock is a handy camping life skill that most adults would struggle with! A hammock is a sling-like structure made of ropes, fabric and a net hanging between two poles or two trees. It’s used primarily for sleeping, swinging or resting. Hammocks come in different sizes and colours to suit the needs of different users.

Kids on Outdoor Hammocks.

If you’ve got two hammocks and a lot of kids, you could divide them into two teams and have a competition to see who can setup their hammock first. Award extra points for location choice, and the safety of their setup. Remember to show the kids the knots required before starting and hover between both groups to lend a hand if needed. If setting up a hammock is too much of a chore for the kids, perhaps you might have more fun playing with the new inflatable air lounge that seems to be popping up all over the place. These self-inflating couches are absolutely phenonomal and super easy to setup. The kids will surely love mucking around the campsite or floating on the water on one of these!

For camping, we recommend a portable hammock that is light but of good quality. Once setup it can be a great source of entertainment for children. Kids can utilise them after swimming just to bask and enjoy the sunshine. Further, after a tiring day they can offer a comfortable area to rest or sleep.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is an outdoor game which has gained popularity recently. Setup some holes like you would on a golf course around the campsite, making note of how many throws are required to get ‘par’. Once complete send the little ones on their way with their scorecard (it’s a good idea to make the final hole end up back at the start). Frisbee golf is great because it promotes the use of basic math, and makes for great entertainment as players chase the flying disc and try and perfect their throw!

Kids Playing Frisbee Golf.

With the above activities and others, kids can be entertained, keep physically fit, and enjoy camping. There is absolutely no reason for a child to be bored while camping, at least not while you’re around!