Special Heirloom Christening Gown for Ella

Baby in White Lace Dress

What a gorgeous Christening dress Ella is wearing!!  I am loving the lace detailing and scalloped edges.  I have been checking out lots of different designer christening outfits lately… am thinking of having a few styles at La Toriana.  There are some absolutely gorgeous ones out there… but cost the earth… and not exactly what i am looking for.  If you have come across a designer that makes the most gorgeous, and affordable Christening dresses please let me know.

Christening Cake

Gorgeous detailing on the Christening cake.  mmmm?  I wonder… is it fruitcake? chocolate cake?

Family Inside Church

The gorgeous family with the godmother.  Anyone who has been to Bendigo must know that massive Sacred Heart Cathedral.  Its a stunner of a church.

 Sarah tells us a little about this gorgeous Christening.

“ the dress was my christening dress that was made for me by my aunt and is 34 yrs old.  My mum replaced the ribbon around the dress for Ella.  The church was the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo which was lovely.  The minister was Fr. Marriott who made it a beautiful ceremony.  The lunch was at our house afterwards and our families and close friends all came back there.  Most of the food was catered for by Cafe Au Lait.  Our children were all spoilt with lovely gifts such as children bibles, money boxes for the boys and jewellery box for Ella.”

Thanks sarah for sharing your gorgeous families christening.  Super gorgeous dress Ella is wearing… and what a very special time and an heirloom christening outfit.  i love the story and sentiment behind it.

warmly   Elizabeth xx

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