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Pirate Kids Costume


“Arrr me hearties by i dream of cupcakes

Spread the word – it’s a pirate party send a message in the bottle invitation.  You’ll need either tea stained paper or buy a vintage cream colored paper from your local newsagency.  Print invites and then burn the edges of the paper for the authentic feel, roll the invite tightly, write your guests name on the outside and pop inside a test tube/small bottle.  You could also start a treasure hunt with a map to the birthday boy/girls party with X- marks the spot  as the party house/treasure. We stock Paper Eskimo stationery which has a very cute pirate invite.

Kids Pirate Party Decor

To decorate – we love … Ball and chain garland – the kids will love to help out with this.  Purchase about 30 sheets of black paper from local newsagency.  Cut each sheet into approx 5 equal sheets and staple together to make the chains. Attached black balloons for the ball,  if you want the ball to drag add a handful of sand to the balloon.  Treasure map table runner look divine – you’ll need butchers paper and a bit of creative flair – use rub on tattoos for extra effect and use a think black marking pen to “dot” or mark the map – at each end a large “X” and some chocolate gold coins (can be purchased from local supermarkets).

 Accessories – black of course.  Black plates and cups.  You could add skull and crossbones stickers to the paper cups.  Or mix it up with white cups and black skull and crossbones.

 Games – The treasure hunt or all treasure hunt.  You’ll need 2 teams.  Spread plastic gold coins through the house and garden.  Give each team a tin bucket and whichever team comes back with the most $$ they get to hoist the flag.  BUT the will also have to complete the obstacle course through very fierce waters filled with crocodiles and Parana’s! Flags can be purchased from most variety stores.

Pirate Boy Costume

Party bags – treasure chests.  You can purchase small black boxes from spotlight.  Use strips of bronze card to make rusty gold bags and if you really want to go all out tie and piece of chain and padlock with a lock and key – use small link chain from a hardware store and a travel lock is approx $3.50 also from hardware stores.  Fill with candy bracelets, choc money and natural confectionery company make great themed party lollies

A feast that will shiver your timbers!

Cannonball meatballs

Walk the plan toasted sandwiches ( I use lavish bread)

Seafood baskets

Peg legs (chicken legs)

And of course pirate and skull and crossbones cupcakes from i dream of cupcakes.

And there you have a spectacular pirate party”


Nikki (owner I dream of cupcakes)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks so much Nikki for sharing with us your business and this inspirational PIRATE themed birthday party!.  I love all the suggestions and food ideas, and your cupcakes look DELISH!!!.

The boys look like they are having a ball at this party too.  Will ceratinly be a party they talk about and remember well! Anyone who loves cupcakes, great kids party inspiration and more… check out Nikki’s website i dream of cupcakes

I just love this theme and its great for any age kids birthday, and great for girls just as much as the boys!

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Pirate Outfit for Kids

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