Mouse Without A Home

Still looking for a name and a home!!

Yep… Its been hard trying to keep this mouse away from the computer to check if there is anyone… someone who thinks he’s cute and has given him a name!

So… I ended up  (for both our sanity)  taking this rascal down the beach for some R & R.  we played  and splashed, went and ate fish and chips by the sea and told stories before heading back for a hot chocolate and a BBQ dinner.

Mouse With No Name

We walked and walked… often not even talking, but always saying hello to one of the friendly locals walking along. (gee these locals here are nice!  you all should come here for a holiday… its fabulous!)

we walked for ages and laughed and we both actually DID relax!

This little charactor would sometimes, stop… look out into the deep blue ocean and ask  “do you really think  someone could love me”

me, the optomist I am would say “ABSOLUTLEY.  They would be crazy if they didnt… I love you!”

there would be a chuckle… and the comeback would be… “awww… but thats your job!”

We would both chuckle, and walk along … not saying a lot, but knowing soon… my dear little friend… MAY have a home”.  But I really DO love him!


The competition to name this little mouse still stands.  have you popped your suggestion in yet?

so far we have Pickachu, Jamie, Mason

Mouse With No Name

Look at the above pic…. I think the R & R really helped, I think this little mouse is smiling!!

what else could it be??

Please add your name you think suits this gorgeous mouse and you could be the one to give him a home.

reply below with a name you think  suits his fun loving, sensitive charactor!!!!

Competition ends Sept 30th

(oops I didnt realise he was watching me do this post.  He has a smug look on his face…???

mmm?   what IS he up to?

Elizabeth xx


First person to tell me where this pic was taken, I will send a $10 gift voucher.

post where you think it was below

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