Mad Scientist Birthday Party for Maya

Mad Scientist Party Theme

Oh what a gorgeous photo!!!   The ever so gorgeous Maya recently had a birthday and what a whole lot of fun it looks!!  Wow… what inspiring, fun and memorable day!  Nathan and Kate (from teaandjam photography) did a wonderful job creating this at home for their little girl… you can too

Kate tells us all about it:

We decided to go with a scientist party theme, we thought that there would be heaps of cool stuff to do to entertain the kids and to stop them from destroying the house and each other.  We had the party at home. Even though I had promised myself to never do that again after the previous year’s do.

But we found that if you kept the kids entertained and involved, damage to your house and mind is kept to a minimum.

Mad Scientist Lab

I somehow managed to talk Nathan (Dad) into dressing up as the Mad Scientist and he showed the kids lots of different scientific experiments using everyday things.  

We did get some dried ice for the grand finale though. Well worth it, just to see the looks on the kids faces!

Mad Scientist Children Costume

We made our own food. I tried to make the food look scientific. It was perfect timing that Donna Hay bought out a party edition with a scientist party at the same time as Maya’s do.

So I found plenty of inspiration there! Petrie dish fairy bread was a hit! Amazing what a bit of green food dye in the butter can do.  I made up the invitations myself and Maya coloured them in for that personal touch. They said the kids were invited to an “Experimentation Celebration”. Totally corny!

 As far as decorations go, I found a link to a site that had images of a 1960s kids science encyclopedia I printed those out and stuck them on the walls. 

I also found heaps of old Vegemite jars from the op shop and filled them with coloured water and a plastic animal, they were take home specimens.

I had hanging on the coat rack when the kids rocked up, their own little white shirt (with name tag) and a pair of kids sized groucho glasses.

They all looked too cute in their mad scientist get up.

Mad Scientist Party

I made the specimen jars, coats and glasses as a little kit the kids could take home with them, instead of a bag full of sweets.  I also kept the party lolly intake to a minimum, boring I know, but I learnt my lesson from the previous year’s lolly fest!

THANK YOU so much Kate for sharing this.  Tiana just loved the whole theme of the party and wants to have one just like it. 

Might just have to hire your services Kate and Nathan especially as the Mad Scientist!!!    I can see how great this is for all kids, boys and girls, and I somehow think Nathan got just as much (if not more) fun out of the day! 

The photo’s you took are so captivating…. no wonder you guys are so popular as photographers!!

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