Local Premmie Hero’s ~ Supporting Premmie Babies

We love supporting those who support premmie babies and ther families.  We will  bring you up to date information about the nominees that are coming through… all so deserving of the accolade.  So many quiet achievers… unsung heros… those making a difference.  Below is the gorgeuos Sarah… one of many we will show you in the next few weeks.


Sarah – Queensland

Sarah has founded a network for Central QLD mums and dads of premature babies and has been working hard to get a website up and running full of useful and very helpful information called CQ Prems. As well as this she is a mum of four (2 of which were premmies) and is also studing nursing at university. Sarah has a lot on her plate yet she still manages to find time to help others. Sarah is an integral committee member for the National Premmie Foundation which hold National Premmie Day celebrations throughout the country each year. Sarah is a “go getter” and puts everything she has into providing the best support to families.

We hope to have more stories from Sarah soon.

PREMMIE HERO AWARDS …..   Find out more about how you can help give recognition to those individuals who help make a difference to premature babies and their families.  Do you know someone?

Nominations Open NOW


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