Little ONE Baby Magazine ~ Behind The Scenes

Baby Girl In Cute Outfit

Little One Magazine, La Toriana.By now you will have all known about this amazing new magazine on the Australian market.  Its beautifully presented, full of great articles and stunning photographs and real life nurseries!!  Little ONE baby magazine is fast becoming a leader and magazine of choice for so many mums!  There is so much great reading in issue 3 of Little ONE baby magazine, I loved having “me” time with a cuppa and keep coming back to it!


What happens behind the scenes at these shoots…. well, I sneaked in and took a couple snaps.   It was lots of fun to see what happens and I have a new found respect and learnt so much from the crew of this photo shoot.

Mother and Baby.

Here is Amy, doing a great job entertaining the little tykes… they loved it… and o did all us watching.  Amy… if you are ever looking for a career change…. I think ABC  Play School are looking for staff!!!  Amy has lots of tricks and songs and the kids responded perfectly!

Baby Boy Photoshoot in Designer Clothes.

This little fella is deemed to be a natural!  Just look at his style!

He smiled, and posed, laughed and had fun.  Perfect… oh, Hang on, he’s coming over

 ”Excuse me Miss… Just want to check you got my GOOD side?”    ” ah,   yes that’s amazing… you’re better than I ever expected! mmmm?  might get my agent (mum) to book you for portfolio shots!!!

Lisa nankervis, Photographer for the mag is brillianrt and has an eye for detail.   She bends and sways and gets into all sort of positions for that perfect shot.  She allows the kids to be natural and fun and follows their every move….it was an absolute pleasure to watch!!

Baby Girl Photo. Baby Clothing Photoshoot.

Baby On Bed With Little One Baby Clothing Little One Baby Photoshoot.

The gorgeous products, clothes and of course gorgeous models help create the perfect shots.  Grab a copy of the latest magazine to see what the pics look like.  Jump onto the Little One baby website too… can see a mini mag and see what stunning.

Little One Baby Clothing Photographers, Lisa and Amy. Lisa and Amy, Little One Baby Clothes Photoshoot

Amy, Amy and Lisa did a brilliant job co ordinating all the products, back drops, the works.  The models themselves were so well behaved, though, the girls tell me I came on a good day…. it doesn’t always go to plan.  This I can believe!!

Amy and Lisa Photgraphers, La Toriana

Chatting to Amy Doak, Publisher of Little ONE Baby magazine, she is thrilled with the response received from Ed: 3.

”The response has been amazing.  The most beautiful, wonderful letters we have gotten from people, like  this from a girl in NSW:

Hi to the team at Little One Baby,    I recently found myself wandering aimlessly after running some errands as my 6 month old son had fallen asleep in the pram, not wanting to wake him by transferring him to his car seat. I ended up in a Newsagency and thought I would buy a magazine to sit down with over a cup of tea while my son enjoyed his nap. All the baby/parenting magazines staring back at me looked the same, covered the same topics, and were full of more advice (and if there is one thing I have found overwhelming since becoming a Mum six months ago, it’s advice!!!) from books, strangers, internet sites, and more, it was not something I wanted in a magazine that I wished to sit down and relax with over a cup of tea! Then I spotted Little One Baby…. straight away it looked different from the others, the gorgeous bub on the cover caught my eye immediately!    And what a find it was! This magazine is so different from any other on the shelf. It is beautifully presented, the nurseries are gorgeous and I love the articles that accompany them written in the mothers words. The magazine is inspiring, heartwarming and full of genuinely useful products and websites. I honestly cannot recommend this magazine enough now to others Mum’s in my Mothers Group! I will eagerly be awaiting every issue from now on!!    Thank you so much for producing something so on the mark!! It’s perfect in every way!
and another
I had never previously seen Little One before being totally seduced by the cover of issue 3 – those gorgeous big, brown eyes had me in seconds!
Upon closer inspection I noticed the headline for ‘The Greatest Sorrow’ and just had to buy this magazine. While the stories and images of stunning baby bedrooms are beautiful, it was the very personal stories of women who have lost babies that interested me most. Having had four consecutive miscarriages in the last three years, I was keen to read about how other women managed their grief and continued with life after loss. I still dream of having a child of my own, and these heartfelt stories provided insight, inspiration and a stronger sense of my own strength. Everyone deals with loss in their own way, but somehow, being able to hear some other women’s stories renewed my sense of hope. I will put this beautiful magazine on the shelf for now, and hopefully when I do have a healthy, happy baby of my own, I’ll retrieve it to seek informed advice and lots of inspiration for making my child’s world as colourful and enchanting as possible. Thank you for this heartfelt feature. Ali

Little One Magazine, La Toriana.Little ONE baby is all about being inspired, encouraged, motivated and excited by what the world can bring to you and your Little One.”

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