La Toriana Wins Award at “Beauty and Lace”

La Toriana Wins Beauty and Lace Award

La Toriana has been given 4.5 out of 5 kisses in the Beauty and lace awards.

wow.. we feel so very honoured to have achieved such a high acclaim from this well known and admired business.  As La Toriana only turned one yesterday… we so “chuffed” and are beaming from ear to ear to be given such a high score!!

Beauty and Lace are a truly impressive website… so makes us feel even so much more special!

The website, Beauty and Lace is full of information, tips, articles, reviews and more!  All in the one place, I love I can find so much info here..  I often spend  (too many) hours checking out all the wonderful info, and the content is updated and keeping in line with current trends and fashion.

Health, fashion, hair and beauty sections.  Games and book reviews and excellent shopping guide from almost anything you can think of.  The Bridal guide is great for any girl getting married and I of course love the mother and baby section!  the arts and craft section are taking my fancy lately that started my beading work… I have some great ideas flowing now!

Just launched is the exclusive  “THE CLUB”  receive special offers, samples, freebies and more… an excellent innovative idea!  If you are looking for a resource website this is one you really must check out!  Its not all just for the girls either… Mr Lace has some exllent info or the man in your life and coming up to fathers Day some excllent ideas.

I am off to try making the  lamb shanks with soft polenta and peas… yummy.  A great Winter warmer.

Beauty and Lace Awards Banner

so whenever you see this banner on other sites…

you can be assured quality and have been tried and recommended

so…..  anyone up to try out my cooking skills?

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