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Skye Wearing Tea Princess Summer Outfit

Kym  (mum)

My mission this Easter was to find some time to snap Skye in her winning outfit from your competition over Christmas (Tea Princess summer outfit winner wins winter outfit!!) Luckily some family from Melbourne came up and took some for me as my camera was out of action so here we are!!!!

I was so excited when I got the email from you, I can’t thank you enough for choosing Skye! Of course she is our bestest Princess ever but she too has travelled down a long and windy road having been born with a Congential Heart Defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, and amongst other fun and games has had two open heart surgeries before her first birthday!

Summer Tea Princess Outfit from La Toriana

Who would guess it now? Tough cookie.

Over Easter we decided to make sock puppets (put all the odd socks to good use and those annoying buttons that come with every outfit).  We had so many socks we basically had a free for all – we stuck buttons, wool, flowers, leaves, shells, glittery bits, paint and created a new “family.”  It was easy, cheap, fun, included both kids and got us outside hunting for suitable items and probably is an oldie but a goodie. Fun!

Girl Playing Sock Puppet

She has had a real buzz from being photographed and her Tea Princess outfit is divine – we chose the Skinny leg pants which are the first size for age pants she has ever fitted with her petite frame and will be warm for winter, the gorgeous soft top long sleeve top in ivory and a beautiful beanie.  All have already been worn in various combinations with other Tea Princess and other things we have bought and they all look fantastic, wash beautifully and people really notice.  Winning the competition enabled me to buy my son a Britt jacket and I keep eyeing off the dresses.  We are just so practical though in our house, so its nice to be able to be pretty but practical at the same time which is what I love about this seasons Tea Princess and our chosen outfit. As you can see its also very flexible!

Me (Photographer) Skye was the lucky recipient of the Tea Princess promo we had,  She received a complete Winter 2010 outfit, has been photographed last week for the La Toriana website and catalogue shots,  and next week will be part of a professional photo session for a glossy magazine.

Sky was an absolute dream to photograph.  A friend told me about this old ruins  (thanks Lisa) and I knew that would be the place to get some photo’s with Skye. It was!!

Sky is so beautiful with a gorgeous disposition and friendly nature.  Many of the shots she suggested for me (so thanks Skye, we were a great team!!!)  All the Tea Princess collection suited her well but I really like the knitted wear, pink cape and white leggings with skirt!  So precious!  Kym was a great stylist (though she probably didn’t even know she was doing such a beautiful job!)

See the full photo shoot I had with Skye and the gorgeous images in Tea Princess on this BLOG next week.  Keep watching

Skye Wearing Tea Princess Clothes

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