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Fashion for Girls

OOOH My poor back…

Its hard work being a GORGEOUS PRINCESS!

Lilli here is a sweetheart, and a regular here in our KooL KidZ section.  Here Lilli shows off some of the Tea Princess clothing range.   Oh poor thing… is such hard work being a princess and all the work that needs to be done about the place…  (Linda, (mum) … great styling and photo… love the rollers!)

Little Girl Dress Model

MMM?  what to do…. what to do?

a Princesses work is never done! So many parties to go to… dresses to buy…  and people to play with.  What work should I do….?

All Tea Princess Summer clothing here in these photo’s.   Yep… this princess is often seen in Tea Princess.

Little Girl Outfits


This isnt meant to happen!

no where in my princess manual did it mention bugs… eeewww!  Thats it… I am going inside!


Thanks Linda for sending in photos for our KooL KidZ section of our blog.  These are so funny… and I love the way you have styled the photo’s… and Lilli!  Linda and Lilli have been avid La Toriana customers for a few years now… and we always love hearing from our customers.

Would you like to be featured on the La Toriana BLOG?

we are looking for photo’s, recipes, craft ideas, gardening ideas or anything.  SEnd in a pic of your little ones and we may be abl;e to feature them here.

warmly   Elizabeth xx

some new arrivals from Tea Princess Winter clothing 2010

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