Kids In Style ~ T’s for Tots by i-candy

icandy T-shirt for Babies


i candy, translated simply means what is most pleasing to the eye!

Using a “less is more” approach to design, i candy intend to bring you a product that inspires, motivates, and delights!

i candy was started in 2000 by lisa hamilton-gibbs. lisa (above) has always loved the powerful combination of minimalist images and words to provoke strong messages.

Lisa was a delight to chat to at Kids In Style, and I was pleased to stop by and chat to her aboout her passion… i candy.  The range is fresh and motivational and messages are very thought proking.  The card stock is a high quality, and is funky and fun, and the T’s for tots were gorgeous.

Newly released  to i candy are the i catching T’s for Tots.

There are four designs in the T’s for Tots range. Each cute long sleeved T shirt comes in a little drawstring bag, with the design printed on the outside. T’s come in 0-3 mth, 3-6 mth and 6-12 mth sizes.

Excellent baby shower gift, newborn baby gift or gift for your own baby!

La Toriana is pleased to announce the arrival of T’s for Tots to the La Toriana collection.  I just know the twinkle toes will be a hit for Christmas, and have already sold a couple before I had even loaded them properly on the La Toriana website. (Lucy.. how quick were you!!!)

I cant decide which is my favourite design….?  maybe the birds and bees?

what is your favourite?

We plan to update you very soon on the amazing and inspirational cards from this designer … so stay tuned!!!


Elizabeth xx

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