Kids In Style ~ Cheeky Little Soles

Cheeky Little Soles

I must say when at Kids In Style recently, it was wonderful to finally meet Lisa from Cheeky Little Soles.

For a couple months, Cheeky Little Soles were a # 1 best seller at La Toriana so to meet Lisa, the talented business mum behind the business was an utter delight.

I saw the gorgeous new range to Cheeky Little Soles and I am sure they will really delight the little girls as well as mums  out there.  They are light, stylish and extremely affordable!

Now your little princess can have a pair of designer soft leather shoes to compliment any designer outfit.  Choose from one of the many girls  (plus many boy styles too) pairs of Cheeky Little Soles.

I remember as a little girl having a pink pair just like in the pictiure above… and was relegated to tears when I no longer could fit into them.  Do you think my mum could find more?  Nope.

So I hung onto my ballet slippers til in my teens as it bought back such wonderful childhood memories.

I wonder what ever happened to them….

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