Kids Fashion Shoot (Behind The Scenes) “Bendigo Magazine”

Bendigo Spring MagazineSpring,  Edition 12, Bendigo Magazine

wow… what a privilige it was to be able to shoot some photo’s of a kids fashion shoot   ~ and find out what really happens behind the scenes.

La Toriana was invited to dress a couple kids for a  kids fashion photo shoot on different locations recently, including Tom here at an indoor play area.  Tom was having a wow of a time as we checked out what really happens behind the scenes at a professional glossy magazine fashion shoot.

Tom is wearing the fINNIGAN fINN boys designer clothing range that is trendy, hip and “smooth“.  This “TOMMY” long sleeve T is 100% cotton and very stylish.  Has contrasting top stitching with main colours of White, Fossil and Blue, and a sherriffs badge motif on the front and the words fINNIGAN fINN printed on the sleeves. A trendy boys designer piece for this sesaons collection that will last for many seasons to come.  The Eternal Creation bootleg cord pants are an affordable designer boys wear piece that is so comfortable.  Check out the range by the ever popular Eternal Creation collection.

The Bendigo Magazine team were making sure the kids looked great, explaining what, how etc of the shoot to Toms mum Leanne, and then what happens from there in the publication of the pics etc.  Amy (Editor in Chief) explained. “Its great taking pics of the kids whilst they are having fun… its a fun natural look”.  Esther (Deputy Editor) had all the clothes ready for the kids, and as soon as they were dressed said… “… go have fun.”  They ran off, played on the slide, jumped on the jumping castle and had a ball.  I had a ball just watching them. It was a fun afternoon.

this what I saw whilst taking pics of David doing his professional shots.

Bendigo Behind the Scenes

The printed photo’s in the magazine.

You can clearly see Tom had a great time whilst David was able to capture some fun, natural shots which is exactly what Amy and Esther were hoping for.

I must say David was so lovely, patient and extreemly fit keeping up with the 2 gorgeous kids.  I am sure they thought he was just playing with them, not realising they were being photographed.  David made the kids feel so relaxed and at ease… a great job with the end result too David!.

Bendigo Magazine is a full glossy magazine publication featuring people and places of Bendigo and Central Victoria.

Published in December, March, June and September, Bendigo Magazine features unique home style and design ideas, personality profiles, visits to beautiful sights in the region, nostalgic historical perspectives, the gamut of arts and culture, inspired food and entertaining ideas, a comprehensive guide to events and attractions in Central Victoria and much, much more.
It reflects the best of Bendigo and captures the city’s unique style in a manner intended to make our readers’ lives more interesting and informed. Our objective is to spark a zest for living in Bendigo, new ideas and new experiences.

Targeted towards both residents and visitors to the Bendigo area, Bendigo Magazine is the publication of choice for both long-time residents and newcomers seeking information about the people, places and issues that shape this exciting city.

Amy, the gorgeous Managing Editor states:

“Our aim remains the same: to offer interesting and informative stories about the people and places in and around Bendigo and to have a positive forum for local people to share their successes and their pride in their city.”

Below are part of the Bendigo Magazine “team”.

From left: Rachael Ralph(work experience),  Amy Doak, (Editor in Chief), Leanne Dynon (Tom’s mum), Esther Mc Rae (Deputy Editor),

David Field (Chief Photographer)

Bendigo Photoshoot Team

Thanks again for allowing La Toriana to pop in and watch you do this kids fashion shoot and find out what happens “behind the scenes”

~ Elizabeth xx

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