Join In The Celebrations With Cake Lingerie

Cake Lingerie Brand, La Toriana

Cake Lingerie have DONE IT!!!

Cake Lingerie is an Australian boutique brand, specialising in the creation of exquisite, high fashion maternity and nursing lingerie. A unique blend of luxury, elegance, comfort and culminates into the Cake Lingerie product.

Remember the call out for real mums we did we did where Cake Lingerie  needed everyone’s help to find REAL MUMS  for a photo shoot?

well above is a pic from that shoot and call out!  YAY!   there is more coming… so stay tuned…. its very exciting. You just have to wait a bit longer!!


to help celebrate this great news, La Toriana together with Cake Lingerie want you to join in the celebrations too.  Cake Lingerie have kindly donated an amazing prize!!!

Cookies N Cream Cake Lingerie

Yep… one of our gorgeous  followers (yes… maybe YOU)    will win an amazing Cookies ‘N Cream or Strawberry Shortcake lingerie set.  (selected recipient will have a choice between the 2 styles above and size  between sizes 10B-16F).

This giveaway will be drawn by Cake Lingerie July 14th, 2010 and will be sent from Cake Lingerie direct to you!!

(if you win… now that’s very exciting!)

Cake Lingerie Bra, La Toriana

So… wondering what do you need to do to win?

 ** its easy **

 and you can enter in different ways, and more ways gives you more entries!
join in one or all of the above!.  Yes more entries for more places you comment…
* visit the Cake Lingerie website and tell us here which design in store you love most and why.

Cake Lingerie is an international designer brand, specialising in the creation of sophisticated maternity and nursing lingerie. Cake delivers beautiful lingerie that intertwines sensual comfort & a secure fit with much needed style and polish.

Worn and loved by celebrities around the world, Cake Lingerie empowers women to celebrate their new found curves with graceful elegance. With astonishing attention to detail, this gorgeous collection will make you look and feel fabulous.

so… get cracking girls….   lets help Cake Lingerie celebrate REAL MUMS and you can win one of the above gorgeous sets!!  The winner will be chosen at random by staff at Cake Lingerie.


elkizabeth xx


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