Gorgeous Kids Rooms Decor

Way across the country in QLD,  (well to me anyway) is a house with 2 gorgeous little girls rooms in it. Terri, mum to Charlotte and Molly above, have done incredibly well with styling the girls rooms.  Of course with some input from them.  I love the colours, the styling and all the gorgeous handmade items that blend in so well.

Little Girls in Dress

Birdhouse Wall Art For GirlsThey’re really just a mix of things that I’ve bought + a lot of items that I’ve handmade.  I handmade the birdhouses, the filigree frames, the canvases, the dolls house and the names on the wall.

I did buy the wall art for both rooms from Little Styles if I remember correctly.

The girls particularly love the birdhouses – I find them in the most interesting places in the house…with the most interesting things shoved inside the birdhouse!  I’ve actually just committed to holding a stall at the Bardon Markets in Brisbane on June 26 to sell these, so that’s exciting.

Charlotte is 6 and she’s got the really blonde hair and Molly is almost 3.

Terri  bought these frames for $3 on sale from Target (cha-ching)…they were black originally…bought a $3.50 can of spray paint, added some paper and butterflies and here is the finished product…easy!

Dolls house that Charlotte got for her 1st birthday. It was in it’s raw state. As per my usual, I painted, sanded, stuck on paper, decorated and this is how it turned out…

Doll House for Kids

The other big hit is the dollshouse – in fact when Molly was a tiny baby she had a little sleep in it.  Here is a photo of baby Molly in Charlottes dolls house.

Totally gorgeous!!

It’s Charlotte’s fairy door. It’s a tiny little door that sits on the skirting board. She randomly leaves ‘presents’….drawings, hair clips etc for the fairies and they leave something in return. It’s a classic…she is completely convinced that the fairies come into her room and leave her gifts…will be a really nice story to tell her when she’s older.

Oh… and I just HAD to show you how talented Terri is… Below are 2 canvas sets.  The first one Terri bought as they matched in with the colours of the room, but the second one she made.  WOW Terri…. you have a gift… looks amazing!

Canvas Wall Art for Rooms

I must say Terri… what a WONDERFUL job you did with both rooms… and you are so creative, stylish and talented!!  I just know you are going to do so well at the Bardon Markets in Brisbane on June 26 to sell the birdhouses….  WE LOVE them!   Anyone reading this blog and in the Brisbane area on that date… pop in and say hi to Terri!

Have you some inspiration now to do your own kids rooms up?  I bet you have…. I do!


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