Creating a Vintage Look For Kids Fashion

Vintage Kids Fashion at La Toriana

This week the Bendigo Magazine came out and its the best ever!

Here are some  photo’s taken from the Bendigo Magazine Photo shoot for La Toriana. La Toriana have a few products showcased and we are thrilled with the shots and images.  Here  The images from the photo shoot for our advert with one of the magazines photographers…  Alison from Lollypop Photography.  There are a couple of my own thrown in here too…. though I am sure you can tell the great ones are hers!

Kids Hats By Constitution, La Toriana

A little about the children’s designer outfits modelled and showcased.

**NEW**   La Toriana introduces Constitution to our online baby/children’s boutique.  Constitution is an Australian business and has the most delightful hats for all the whole family.

These children’s designer hats are vintage inspired head wear from Consititution, and are  amazing.  Super quality, unique style and so adorable for kids.  These  infant hats are not like anything else I have seen about and the amount of comments from the shoot and responses from the photos have been amazing.

Inspired by all things vintage, these kids hair accessories go well with the designer children’s clothing range available online at La Toriana.

Vintage Kids Fashion by La Toriana

You have to agree Lollypop Photography  images are stunning!

My favourite of the Constitution designer label is the Vintage Boston Brocade children’s cap and the duckbill peak cap with detachable rosette.  These are  an ideal accessory that goes well with the Tea Princess range of designer dresses for a more classy and elegant look, but looks striking with pants and tops from their collection as well.  These vintage inspired children’s hats are ideal all year round.  Tran seasonal and compliments many different season children’s fashions.  Yep, the accessories are back in vogue, and little ones must be seen with their hats, scarfs, coats, capes and jewellery to complete their designer clothing this Winter.

Skye wears the Tea Princess ivory stretch top by Tea Princess and the beige cord pants.  To compliment the outfit accessories were the beautiful Princess Allure jewellery and Constitution duckbill hat.

One of my favourites is the Tea princess smock dress worn at the very top image  by Emmerson with the Tea Princess leggings.  To complete the outfit Emmy wears the constitution Boston brocade hat and jewellery by Princess Allure.

Kids Designer Outfit at Latoriana Vintage Clothing for Girls

Children’s fashion today is quite eclectic.  There are so many styles and looks that there is something to suit everyone.  I am a fan of all things vintage, ”girly” and lacy.  These images capture the very essence I was hoping for.  I told the photographer I was looking for a “vintage style” look for this edition and I think together we pulled it off.   The clothing, the location and photography all worked well together to create this look.   I am very happy with it all.  Check out tomorrow for more of whats “IN”  the mag  as well as some behind the scenes shots.  Thanks so much Alison!

Girls In La Toriana Vintage Kids Clothing

The Bendigo Magazine photo shoot was with some gorgeous models wearing Tea Princess, Constitution, Princess Allure, Bethany’s Child, and Three Little Tree.  I loved the old ruins in the centre of town and was ideal for this shoot.  The rustic, overgrown gardens, falling down abandoned building were a complimenting contrast to the sweet, soft girly items from the above designers.

A special thank you to Skye, Emmerson and Dylan for being such wonderful models!  See later this week for more on the Bendigo Magazine fashion stories and La Toriana’s products.  We also have some behind the scenes shots…. you’ll love!

Tea Princess Smock Dress

You can easily see how well the brocade BOSTON hat matches perfectly in with the Tea Princess Smock dress and white leggings on Emmerson above.  Its a classic, elegant and stunning  little girls designer clothing outfit.

Dylan (below) wears the Tea Princess ivory beanie, boat neck long sleeve tee and the pink harem pants.  The Pink Junket hat is so sweet, and gorgeous on little girls its going to be a definite hit this coming season and into Summer.  The lace detail and adorned with brass studs is a gorgeous look for little girls.

Designer Clothing for Kids

Skye below looks dreamy and so elegant and “girly” in the Tea Princess cape, leggings with attached skirt, tulle headband and also in the pink cardigan and tulle skirt.

Tea Princess Cape Outfit

After a quick change and move down to the grassed area of Rosalind Park, we all had some fun. Three Little  Trees, Tea Princess, Knuffle Kid, Bethany’s Child all look stunning.

Dillon here wears the long sleeve Tee from Three Little Trees, Harem Pants from Tea Princess and headband from Tea Princess. Emmy below wears vintage inspired antique rose from Bethany’s Child and Skye wears Princess Allure clip.

Designer Clothes for Toddlers

Tea Princess Headband from La Toriana

WE all had a fun and wonderful day and I am so happy with the Bendigo Magazines photographer, Alison from Lollypop photography your pics together with mine came out just perfect!


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