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Girl in White Outfit, La Toriana

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I have a confession….

I am addicted to the cornflowerblue sleepwear!!

I did a review December last year on the cornflower blue dress which Tiana and I absolutely loved.  We both gave a review… me as a mum and consumer, and Tiana … just as a 7 yr old girl would.

Since then we have had the opportunity to review the cornflowerblue sleepwear and I must say Tiana and I are both addicted!  Is it because its a gorgeous design?  or its organic properties? Or their Fair Trade philosophy? Maybe its  because it is so comfortable and affordable?  YES YES YES…. its all this!

The above white summer short PJ set  CHARLISE was an absolute hit.    I love dressing Tiana is special PJ’s on Christmas eve and knowing that she will have comfortable sleepwear for gorgeous Christmas dreams, and to wake up excited… running about the house and being in all the photo’s  (yes i am addicted to photography too!)  The above PJ set was perfect for Christmas morning!!  Tiana found them super soft and comfortable and had them on all morning til almost lunch time!  I love the fact that they are so soft, have room to move, quite generous, perfect sizing, have a cute detailing on them with gorgeous little pockets.  Tiana wasnt too sure about the buttons (though she hates butons on anything almost), but loved how “ relaxed”  they were. (think she mean how relaxed she felt… but these were her words).


Sarah Drysdale, Founder Cornflowerblue

We had the best Christmas morning and I loved all the photo’s this year as I think the PJ’s really helped make it special!  I have never been so in love with a PJ set before… you know.. take them or leave them… but these… Tiana and I both agree.  (actually I DID just jump online buy them in the next 2 sizes up!!)

(Honestly… not sure how cornflowerblue will top this design… its gorgeous!)

This is the delightful Sarah Drysdale.  I met Sarah at the baby Expo in Melbourne earlier this year!  My word her designs and the whole Cornflowerblue collection is gorgeous!!

Cornflowerblue was founded by director Sarah Drysdale, who divides her time between Australia and India. Sarah began daydreaming of cornflowerblue after chatting with girlfriends in Mumbai about the lack of pretty, girlie clothes that are affordable and in the next breath… organic. This set Sarah off on an adventure, armed with the designs for her first collection, to find who made the most beautiful organic clothes in India. Sarah soon evolved the concept of cornflowerblue to include stocking other fabulous organic and fair labels from around the world.

The dreamtime sleepwear below took my eye and I love the design!

Aline Night Dress, La Toriana

The Aline night dress can be worn on its own or with the pants. There is a delicate box trim on the neckline, hem of the dress and the pants in the contrasting white. The pants are three-quarter drawstring waist.  I knew Tiana would love this straight away as it has no buttons (and I was right, was the first thing she asked), but what she really liked was the neckline and the length.  She has worn it on its own without the pants when it was warm, but loves it just as much  (I like it more) with the pants.  She especially loves the drawstring pants (again no buttons).

Tiana had a sleep over at a friends in the school holidays  The mum was so impressed with the PJ’s.  “Soft, Striking, Unique and classy” were words she used.  When I told her about cornflowerblue, its philosophy and community spirit she was awe struck.  When I explained they were organic she was wide eyed and amazed.  I actually had to show her the label and get cornflowerblue website up on her PC. TRUE!

Honestly… you need to see these gorgeous clothes to really appreciate them!  WE LOVE THEM!!

Aline Pajama, COrnflowerblue

You would have to agree that the print is adorable!  So sweet, girly but not over the top.  It is very classy!!  You cant tell by the photo here, but the softness is amazing!  You never really believe that organic kids wear can be so elegant, soft and so affordable.  With the whole set only $59.95   I just purchased a couple the next sizes up.  Its rare Tiana and I agree on things, but with cornflowerblue PJ’s… we do!

Cornflowerblue Pajama Set, La Toriana

Cutiepie PJ set… This pj set is comfy and sweet. The knit top is soft jersey and is matched with roomy drawstring pants.  $55.95 set.  sizes 2-10 yrs

Nighty Wear for Girls

Lulu nightie (left) is soft and easy to wear.  I am sure Tiana would prefer to hang about in her cornflower pj’s all day if she could.  (oooh I wonder if they are thinking of PJ’s for mums….??  I could lounge about easily in these)

I must say… Tiana is a PJ set more than a nightie girl.  I got her to rate which she loved the best…  #1 was the white PJ set and # 2 was the aline set.  The nightie was her last choice… though of course that is personal opinion.  I loved the same as Tiana chose too.  Though must say the  blue ondine dress is still a firm fav of mine!!!

Tiana still wonders if cornflowerblue will be doing a “short” short and top set for summer.   My little princess lives in shorts all summer… and if the pj’s are so comfy… she is thinking so will the short sets too!!!!

Will leave Tiana’s request to Sarah…..

A good night sleep is a must for growing minds and growing bodies…. and there is nothing better than an 100% organic cotton kids sleepwear …. of course from cornflowerblue.

Cornflower Logo

Jump across to the cornflowerblue website… you will be so pleased you did!  Til the end of may, they have an amazing offer for you!

Cornflowerblue Sleepwear


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