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La Toriana would like to help celebrate and showcase the many talented mums in business.  I know how hard it can be juggling business, kids and family, so I really take my hat off to the many wonderful and talented mums in business out there. Amanda was one of our Facebook winners!!

Amanda is a mum of 5 kids, ages are : Matthew almost 24yrs, Stephen almost 21 yrs, Daniel just turned 18yrs’ Rachel  11yrs’ Joanne 9yrs.   She is also a grandmother of Haylee Louise who just turned 2yrs.  Amanda tells us all about her business… its totally gorgeous!

At Bodelicious, there is something here for everyone.  Mums you will love this range and is great for baby gifts too.  Tell us which is your favourite

Bodielicious Chocolate Soap

In this modern and hectic society we all demand the highest quality and safety standards when it comes to our children. Whether we are looking for organic food or clothes, nappies or toys, we want the best. This should also apply to products that we use on our baby’s skin.

Bodelicious is proud to offer an affordable, environmentally friendly, natural range of multi-purpose baby products for busy mums today who are always on the go.

We believe that when using products on your baby they should be as safe & natural as possible. With this in mind we created our babylicious range using nourishing plant oils, organic beeswax, organic botanicals and hydrosols, essential oils and mild, environmentally friendly soap free wash (derived from coconut oil) that won’t irritate baby’s delicate skin.

Scent-free Oils Bodelicious

It is not recommended to use essential oils on premature or newborns up to two months of age, so Bodelicious offers you a range of scent-free products for them, so that you can give them the best start in life.

We also offer a range of natural and gentle mummy-to-be products, because at this special time in your life, you need a little extra care. It’s true that there is no cure for stretch marks, but you can help to prevent them starting and minimise their severity by keeping the skin on your growing belly supple and nourished with our belly oils and butters.

Lavender Log Bodelicious

Our Babylicious range of products and gift baskets also make an excellent addition to product lines that are found in baby specialty shops, florists and gift basket business’s, so feel free to contact us for more information.

  *~* SPECIAL DEAL *~*

..I would like to offer a free random product to any orders placed through my website OR via email. To make sure they get this special offer that is only available through this deal they would need to put in the comments section of checkout the word La Toriana Special and if ordering via email they would need to mention the special offer as well.

Bodelicious Baby Travel Set

Amanda Guilfoyle

Thanks Amanda… beautiful items here and am sure our blog readers will love to take you up on your offer.

warmly.  Thanks so much for sharing.

Elizabeth xx

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