Black and White ~ A Classic Favourite

Black and White Ensemble

These days Tiana is more fussy about what she wants to wear.

Now dont get me wrong, she’s easy… a great all rounder when it comes to clothes!  She will wear her finest party dresses when we are out at restaurants or functions, but then loves nothing better than changing into her gumboots, shorts and singlet and going to attend the sheep with dad.  These days however she has become more vocal in what she would like to wear, rather than just accepting what I put out for her.

I have had a few people ask me what does Tiana prefer to wear?  so  I thought over the next couple weeks will tell you!

Fist up I thought it fitting since The Little ONE Baby magazine photo shoot was so recent, let you know what Tiana picked out.  It was without any hesitation at all she chose the TikiBoo Kidz  black and white skirt.  Its a full skirt and she has worn it many, many times,  Its so comfortable she would tell me and I can twirl and twirl.  Its not frilly or tizzy, but more classic which she loves.

Next was this singlet.  Gorgeous designer momie et enfant.  We have had this singlet for 8 months now and she loves it.  It does go really well with her jeans for a casual look and this skirt for a party outfit.  Shoes… she wanted bare feet and Lisa Nankervis the photographer for Little One baby magazine was very accommodating.  Tiana loved that she didn’t have to wear shoes! (Thank you to Little ONE baby magazine for allowing me to use this photo and to Lisa who she often talks about the BEST photo shoot)

Momie et Enfant Singlet, Black and White

A few snaps I took above shows a bit more of the momie et enfant singlet.  Tiana loved it so much I actually asked if we could stock it!!!!!  I just know many other little girls will love this vintage look as much as Tiana does.  The motif at the front is a gorgeous little bird, and as you can see there is a motif on the back as well.  Antique lace capped sleeve completes the outfit.  You can find the momie et enfant singlet and other items stocked at la Toriana here. Like the headband it is from Bethany’s Child.

TikiBoo Kids clothing has always taken Tiana’s interest, but none more than this skirt.   You can see by the age of Tiana how long she has had it… a year at least at it washes up beautifully every time. Its a true testament to the quality of the materials and garment by TikiBoo Kids.

Tikiboo Skirt for Kids

As you can see from the age of Tiana… we have had this same skit quite sometime.. and yes its the same skirt.  TikiBoo Kids use a high quality material and washes up beautifully time after time!  Team beautifully with a White or  black and is transeasonal so can be worn anytime of the year!

Want to see what other design  Tiana has been wearing? .. check back here over the next couple weeks

Black and White Casual Outfit for Girls

after the photo shoot with Little ONE Baby magazine, we had a picnic and Tiana rode her bike through Rosalind Park.

Black and White Tikiboo Outfit

You can get this look too.. pop onto the La Toriana website today.

Classic Black and White Clothing

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