Birth of a Premature Baby…

La Toriana launches Prem baby catagory for National Premmie Day

La Toriana has been passionate about supporting Premature Babies.

July 25th marks 2008 National Premmie Day.

Elizabeth, founder of La Toriana ,  who has had 3 prem babies, is an keen supporter of National Premmie and also her local group, Loddon Mallee Kids

It is a hard road for many families experiencing the birth of a prem baby, and a rollercoaster ride for sometime afterwards.  There are some amazing supports out there these days like the above groups and websites such as , that are all about helping families and friends who are touched by the birth of a premature baby.

La Toriana have released this week their premmie section.  It is hard finding prem baby clothes and  accessories.  La Toriana would love you to check out their prem baby clothing lines and some new releases coming very soon in organic premature baby clothing.

Having a baby is an amazing, joyous occasion.

Friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances all gather around sending congratulatory cards, flowers, gifts. They all can’t wait to visit the new baby, have a hold and pat dad on the back, go out for that celebratory drink and give the mum a warm hug and flowers. Everyone is happy and knows how to react.

Is it the same when a baby is born premature? No, not always.

It’s a very frightening time for the parents whose baby comes too early or is sick. The joy soon turns to fear and panic and so sets in a rollercoaster ride. Every single minute is precious. It’s an extremely worrying time.  It’s a very isolating time for the parents. There is a fear they may loose their baby, may have long term health issues or concerns of being able to cope. Of guilt, anger and fear.

Friends and family are often feeling at a loss too.
Many will not send a congratulatory card or present, just in case the baby passes away and it could upset the parents. Many will *wait* and see how things go before they send a card. Sometimes this could be a couple months later.

Tips for supporting a friend/family with a prem/sick baby

  • Do send a card, present soon after if that’s what you had intended on doing, to congratulate the arrival of their much loved baby
  • Do knowledge it’s a stressful time
  • Offer positive feedback on the baby, their name, pics etc
  • Give them a journal to write their journey at this time, a book of comfort or similar gift
  • Do keep in touch, via a quick call, text, email or letter during their time in hospital to let them know you are thinking of them, even though they possible wont be up to returning calls etc for a while
  • Offers of help at home, with other kids, animals, work, where you can during this time.
  • Drop over frozen meals for the dad/family or once they get home from hospital
  • Give mum a special notebook so she can diarise her journey through this time.
  • Offer to do washing, shopping etc so its one less thing mum or dad needs to think about
  • Offer to pass on info to other friends/family for them
  • Do be there to listen and offer comfort
  • Please don’t offer parenting advise, your experiences, pry or pass judgement (its hard enough for the parents… no matter how well meaning you are)
  • Please don’t be self cantered and think of YOUR feelings on the situation,

Today there is so much more support available locally and nationally. As a parent, or friend of someone who has had a prem baby, there is a lot of support.

mumzone has an amazing amount of support and information for all mums.

La Toriana is giving the National Premmie Foundation 10% of all sales from July 15th to July 25th.  We are also giving you another 10% off too, type NPF as the code at checkout to automatically receive this.

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