Belly Art on Sunrise Channel 7 This Morning

Remember the article  I did on a fresh, new business Up The Duff Belly Art?   Well… Kym has just been seen on Sunrise Channel 7 TV.  Yep, how exciting!!.  A Channel 7 Sunrise producer read my blog on her and invited her to be on TV.  How cool!

snippet of the article on Sunrise website  {Not all women would want to show off their pregnant bellies but it’s certainly more common for Hollywood mums to show off their bumps.

‘Pregnancy shouldn’t be hidden,’ says small business operator and painter Kym Hamilton from Queensland’s Gold Coast.

‘Pregnant women should be loud and proud. ‘It’s more accepted for women to let it all hang out nowadays.’

Certainly celebrities seem into it.

Demi Moore kicked off the trend with her pregnant belly on the cover of Vanity Fair mag in 1991.

Dannii Minogue is currently on the cover of Who mag’s Most Beautiful People issue.}

Kym is soon to be a well known belly art artist.  She is available to do pregnant bellies and belly casts, so feel free to contact her to book in.  with Mothers Day coming up soon this is a great idea for new mums!

At La Toriana, we have some other great gift ideas for mums, and the La Toriana BLOG will be featuring a few more great mums in business and websites for mums during April and May.  If you have a business and would like to be featured here… contact me today and we will book you in.

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