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Idibidi Kids Massage

IDIBIDI KIDS Massage  offers infant massage courses to parent and carers in Perth, Western Australia.

Idibidi Kids Massage approaches infant massage in a holistic sense; their philosophy is “nurture, discover, benefit”. . Infant massage – so much more than strokes!  Learning infant massage incorporates indian massage, swedish massage, reflexology and lymphatic exercises – lots of fun for both baby and carer! The 4 session course also covers touch relaxation, parent relaxation, colic sequence, massage for older kids and parent-infant bonding plus more!

Natalie (owner)  is a certified infant massage instructor and internationally qualified massage in schools instructor. She is very passionate and dedicated to researching touch therapy as well as educating caregivers on the wonderful benefits it provides both baby and parent. Natalie is sensitive to you and your baby’s needs; you will learn infant massage in a supportive and caring environment.

A visit will inspire and educate you on the importance of providing your child with positive, nurturing touch on a daily basis and why touch is crucial for your baby’s physiological and psychological development. The website contains many research articles and links to touch therapy and infant massage articles Natalie has personally read, providing a great resource to parents and health professionals.

Idibidi Kids is a firm believer of donating to charities and not-for-profit organisations where possible and support community events for these causes. Natalie and her kids often participate in local community events such as the City to Surf (Activ foundation) and the Big Walk (PMH foundation) to help raise money that is desperately needed (and the list is growing!).

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If you live in Perth, WA, and would like to discover infant massage, Natalie would love to meet you and your baby! To contact Natalie, 0411 615 641 or Idibidi Kids Massage: helping to raise awareness of infant massage and the importance of nurturing touch in the community.

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