An Unexpected Visitor

A Kangaroo. Living out of town, its not everyday that we get visitors.  Well really never at 7 am!  And if we did they would have to ring the front gate bell to allow us to let them in.  We have a long driveway, and even if the gates were accidentally left open, I would see someone coming.

No… none of that happened last week.

I had just got up and had a cuppa when there was a knock at the door.    “EEEKK” I thought, feeling someone had sprung me in my PJ’s.   “Knock, Knock”  it went again.

I knew I had to answer, so with trepidation, walking slowly whilst trying to smooth down my scruffy hair, and neatening my PJ’s, I went to the front door.  (which by the way no one uses as the front is still under construction and looks like a building site)

Kangaroo Knocking.I went to the front door and honestly did a double take.  There was a huge Kangaroo at the door!!!  I was in disbelief, but as a “wanna-be-in-another-lifetime-photographer”  as I am, I went and grabbed my trusty camera.  As I went back to the front door Tiana was getting up, and wanted to know who was here. (yep… still loving her Cornflowerblue PJ set).

Wow… she was also amazed.  The kangaroo was quite relaxed it looked like it really wanted to come in.  The kangaroo and Tiana stared at each other a long time.  Tiana was tapping on the glass and talking to him, and he wasnt at all phased by her antics or by the camera flash either for that matter.  If anything was rather inquisitive and wanted to see more.

The kangaroo waited at the front door.. us staring at him, and then figured we were not going to let him in so manoeuvred around the wheel borough, the bricks and steps and started nibbling on the new growth of my roses.  Of course I saw that as inappropriate behaviour and knocked on the window…  he just stared back, then kept on nibbling.  Who would have thought new rose shots were a kangaroo delicacy!

Kangaroo At The Door.

Kangaroo At The Door, SurpriseTiana and I went out and still didn’t jump away, actually came back and peeked around the corner at us even closer.  I explained to Tiana to keep her distance as they can be unpredictable.  He looked so cute, gorgeous big brown eyes.  We took lots of photo’s.  We both kept saying how cute he was.

The kangaroo quietly hopped about the back yard  and around the house for a good half hr…. constantly checking on us  (yes, I had got my cuppa and a jumper on by then).  It was a cold, misty morning, and beautiful as the sun was coming up/ The Kangaroo was in great condition, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been a domesticated kangaroo.  it was so relaxed, inquisitive and not once did it look threatening or agitated.  The kangaroo looked like he was wanting to play, and often would have long looks at us as if to sday  “please can I come in”

Finally… decided to just quietly hop away over the hills and back to where he came from.  not before stopping one last time and having a good look at our faces ….

Kangaroo Hopping Away. Kangaroo Hopping Away.

… you never know he may be back.  Tiana (and I) secretly hope he does!


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