A Thankful Mothers Day

Mother's Day Photos

This week I have been thinking of 10 years ago… where I was told I would never have a child, I would never be a natural mother.  So much has happened since then, I could easily write a book!

I have so much to be thankful for.

The photo above shows my little baby girl, sick in SCBU a few weeks old.  I am so very lucky that she is here and now a robust 7 year old.  I am so looking forward to the card she will make me, the rock she has painted for me and the excitement she is going through right now as at school they are making something “special” for mum.  She has her $10 ready to spend at the Mothers Day stall at school and is planning what to make me for breakfast Mothers Day morning. (with dads help of course)

There will be so many exciting little children who just wont be able to hide their excitement and to pamper mum with presents and breakfast, hugs and kisses.  There will be lots of flowers picked and purchased, visits to cemetery’s, gorgeous lunches and lopsided ceramic mugs especially made for mums that will have pride of place in many homes this weekend.

Three Sisters Angels

I am almost positive there are many mums about who will be spending lots of time this Mothers Day in NICU, SCBU and hospitals, are also so very  thankful too.  Please give a thought to these mums, many who are scared, thankful, feeling overwhelmed.  Its a HUGE, rollercoaster ride having a premature baby, a sick child and all the whilst I can imagine each one peering through the isolette, into cots and feeling an overwhelming love and bond that only a mother has for their child.

There is so much to be thankful for.

Happy Mothers Day!


Elizabeth xx

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