A New Day… {Anything is possible}

I took these pics this week and I was amazed how well they came out.  Mind you, its not an inch on the ambiance I experienced whilst taking the pics.   Tiana was inside having breakfast and  the sun was coming up.  I looked out at the “back yard” and it was like a mystical blanket was cast over the valley below.  We live on a hill, and for a moment … it felt like I lived above the clouds.

I got yy trusty camera out and stood in our courtyard and took these shots as the sun was coming up.   It was still, silent, and so very, very mild.  No breeze, so wind at all…. and as the sun came up… yes, I did feel the serenity.  For a few moments I allowed myself to think of the twins.  Like I was with them.  Living high up above the world, and looking over.  It was so peaceful, relaxed and I was so ever melancholy.

Our Backyard

~ Our Back Yard ~

The mist, the fog, was like a white organza sheet between us and the rest of the world… even just for those few minutes, it was so very peaceful!  Its amazing to describe.  Central Victoria is amazing and being rural… even more so.  (I think anyway)

The rest of the day I played  “THAT  CD”.  Given to me from the fertile thoughts {Loss of a child} group.  Hubby often thinks its depressing, but… in a strange kkind of way is actually revitalising.  It allows me to cry, allows me to feel and “be”.  Its away from all the rush and tear and obligations and commitments.  Its very soothing and comforting and helps me feel “close” to the girls.

We have  a large house, and was planned for the girls, and I like these type of winter mornings as my first born girls came into this world on a winters day, and I like to think it was like this.  I have no idea what type of morning it was, as I was very sick, but I like to think this was the type of day.

The pics above are RAW, and unedited.  I live in central Victoria and have a small property with some animals and garden….  Its tranquil…. and yes, I think I need to stop and smell the roses more often.  Today I did.

I walked about the property, attended some gardening, cleaned the house and “planned”.   I also “dreamed”. and I do “believe”

The only thing that got me through so many days… and nights… was this mantra





there is so much to that story….     yep… one day!

For today,….

these photos, a new day….  with such  wonderment, a brand new start… ”anything is possible”



Elizabeth xx

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