A New Baby In Our House


We have a new baby in our house.  we actually have a few new babies in our house!

wow.. what a week,

we have been blessed with a few baby animals, and the amount of twins (above) born… is quite extrodinary!!

Babies, no matter what all look so gorgeous!

I still cant get over how cute these black lambs look and soon in no time will turn white like their mums.  My 5yr old asked  “but why are they black?”  I gave an answer that kept her asking more questions and I think I got us both so confused!  She went off to ask her dad!!  (phew)  dont kids sometimes ask hard questions?

do you know the answer?

I just had to share with you our new babies in our family.  We called the baby in the top pic ”Ruby”.  Isnt she sweet!

The best baby gift Ruby got was a warm welcome from all her friends and relatives in the paddock!


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