BPA And Why You Should Keep It Away From Your Children

In the recent years, the debate on the safety of the plastic products towards the human health has dominated the industry. Most people are questioning how the products have been impacting on consumers with most medical experts associating them with the chronic diseases such as cancer. Among the plastics/chemicals that have been focused on is the bisphenol A (BPA). The chemical is found in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics.

Products with BPA

BPA’s Effects on Kids

Polycarbonate plastics are mostly in food and beverage containers such as water bottles and other consumer goods. For the epoxy resin, the component may be found inside the metal products such as the dental sealants, food cans, and bottle tops amongst other products. But what has many worried is the impact that the chemical may have on kids. For your information, the chemical was detected in the urine of 93% of the kids above 6 years and above. Just ask any general practitioner in Brisbane, that’s how profound the chemical is.

According to studies carried on the BPA, it has been found that the chemical imitates the hormones such as oestrogen once it enters the body. In fact, most of the studies have shown that even a low exposure to the chemical can lead to reproductive complications such as poor sperm count, increased risk of cancer, obesity and depression, particularly in teenage girls. Due to its oestrogen-like shape, BPA can bind with the hormone (Oestrogen) receptors to influence energy levels, cell growth and cell repair thus affecting your body functioning.

Hormonal Effects of BPA

Hormonal Effects of BPAIn addition, bisphenol can also interact with other hormones receptors including thyroid hormone to alter their functioning, and this can be dangerous to the body. Since kids hormonal system is at the developing stage, they are like to be affected by this chemical more than the adult. That’s why you should try the best you can to protect them from the chemical.

But how can you protect your kids from this chemical? Well, there are numerous ways that kids can get exposed to BPA. First, you should burn eating canned food and beverages since it’s the most significant way of exposure. Secondly, ask your dentist to use BPA-free sealant on your children. Third, avoid all plastic materials that are labelled “PC” or #7 since they contain this chemical and lastly use alternatives such as grass and porcelain.  Also, make sure that you are not letting your kids play on toxic playgrounds. These are just ways through which you can protect your kids.


Top Best Trending Accessories 2017

This year’s trending fashion is all about wearing accessories to fit your dress and fashion. With changes in fashion industry and season, the taste and preference have been changing over the time, but some have remained consistently dominating the market. These are the accessories that are setting the trend in the market this year. Here are to trending accessories in 2017.

Fashionable Accessories for 2017

  • Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earringsThis is one of the most accessory trends this year. The fashion industry is pushing the boundaries beyond unimaginable limits to get that uniqueness. Mismatching earrings started off slowly but has grown big few months into 2017. Imagine putting your hand into your jewellery box and coming up with two different earrings.  If they look like a perfect combo, just wear them and have fun.

  • Cinched by Corsets

This is another trend that many designers seem to be obsessed with. Most of the people love to cut their weight and have an outstanding waist. Corsets can be described as the best when it comes to waist slimming. You only need to dress up any clothing, be it loose or tight and put the corset over it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a suit jacket or a big loose shirt, but it will bring out the best design ever.

  • Oversized Raw Stone Pendants

Oversized Raw Stone PendantsGoing big is the main trend that is taking over the fashion industry. Pendants are at the centre of this trend. Oversize raw stone pendants are one of the trends picking up this spring/summer in a great way. Their flexibility and versatility are the main reasons why many people attracted to them.  They come in different colours and can be worn with various outfits, particularly casual wear. They are great with T-shirt or jeans.

  • Armbands

Armbands will always give you a perfect match with a beautiful dress or a sexy top. There are different types of armbands that you can select from to determine the one that fits your dress. Some of these are beaded bangles, etched or shiny metallic and braided leather among others. They are for casual wear, and all you need is to choose one that suits your dressing.

  • Tie Me up Belts

You cannot talk about any trending accessory without mentioning belts. Belts have been used since time immemorial but this summer you can tie it differently to make your design more stylish. They are very versatile, and you can wear them with any outfit both official and casual. Knotting your belt around an oversized shirt or a cocktail dress can be very attractive. Don’t shy away from trying this and you will like it more and more.

Must Have Pool Furniture

Great pool furniture brings comfort and meaning to your outdoor spaces. But buying one isn’t as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. With the wide range of choices you have, picking the perfect pool furniture entails serious consideration.

Home improvement experts however encourage us to use three guidelines when buying, which include the price, aesthetic value, and function. You want the furniture to go with your budget and style requirements, and you have to make sure that they are functional. 

To save you from the burden of choosing, here are some pool furniture to consider:

Swimming Pool Patio Table Set

Swimming Pool Patio Table SetA comfortable table adds a welcoming functionality to the poolside. But do not go for just anything, there are traditional pool tables that are better used for gaming while there are those intended for relaxation. Now, the Swimming Pool Patio Table Set is specially made to submerge into the water of your swimming pool. The unit comes with small perforations that fill up with water to weigh down the table. Perfect for families and friends, the Swimming Pool Patio Table Set comes with 4” diameter picnic table that goes six inches above the waterline so as to keep all things on top of the table dry. The unit also comes with an umbrella.

Adir Italian Designed Teak Wood Outdoor Portable Shower

Adir Italian Designed Teak Wood Outdoor Portable ShowerThis pool furniture gives a new meaning to outdoor showers. It can be placed almost anywhere and can easily connect to standard garden hose. No plumbing is required; in fact, it doesn’t need any form of pipes or faucets. Getting this pool furniture means having a handy shower you can count on before and after a dip in the pool. Moreover, using the portable shower is as easy as pie since you simply step on its smooth teak wood and its weight activated stainless bars would send fountain-like sprays from your toes to your head.  It is possible to adjust the water height from 4 feet to 12 feet.

Texas Recreation Serenity Pool Float

Texas Recreation Serenity Pool FloatThis pool float can easily catch your heart with its cool and sparkly finish. Created from a sturdy glossy vinyl coated material, it is easy to clean and its rippled surface adds an extra touch of comfort. With different color options to choose from, you can definitely find the perfect one that suits your taste and style. This is definitely one way to keep your kids and the entire family entertained. It is proudly made by Texas Recreation, which is an American based manufacturer of floating aids, pool accessories, and safety equipment.


AirchairIf comfort, value, and functionality are what you are looking for, then the Airchair ( https://airchair.co/inflatable-furniture/ ) should be the perfect pool furniture. Available in different colors, it also boasts on its easy to inflate feature.  Within seconds, you’ll have a great inflatable chair that looks especially good on the poolside. Airchair is basically a large bag that you can fill with 600 liters of air. It weighs just 2.8 lbs and can hold up to 440 lbs. It folds up to a size of a potato chip bag so storing it after use shouldn’t be a problem.

Are Your Children Playing in a Toxic Playground?

Having children play outside on playground and fields is a way to ensure that they are given a chance to participate in physical outdoor activities and engage in athletics. Soon enough, the first plastic playground, “Chemgrass,” which resembled natural grass, was constructed. The number of artificial fields has tripled since their construction in 1960.


Artificial Playground

Lately, there has been a caution that children could be playing on potentially toxic playgrounds without their guardians’ knowledge.

Note that the more time children engage in different sports activities, the more concerns these artificial playgrounds raised.

Athletes complained that these artificial fields were harder than natural grass. Subsequent studies supported the complaint as it showed an increase in the risk for football and other sport related injuries. As a result, the English Football Association banned the use of artificial turf in 1988, and in the 1990s, the United States adopted the use of natural grass on ballparks and professional stadiums.
For other remaining artificial playground and fields, rubber was added to provide more cushioning and to maintain the position of the artificial grass blades.

There are approximately 4,500 playgrounds, tracks, and fields in the United States, and the use of artificial turf wasn’t banned altogether because it does have its own advantages. For one, artificial turf can withstand all weather conditions, hence it is can be used for a long time. It also requires minimal maintenance compared to a field with natural grass.

From Tire Swings to Play Surfaces Made From Tires

Tire SwingSome time back children used to play on tire swings in the backyard or at the park. Now the tires are being recycled and used as raw materials for constructing children’s playgrounds, a move that may be hazardous.

United States Environmental Protection Agency approximates that 290 scrap tires are generated yearly with 28 million being used as surface for artificial turfs. Despite recycled scrap tires being viewed as raw materials that could be less harmless to children when they fall, there have been more disadvantages than expected. These disadvantages include harboring rodents and other animals and trapping stagnant water, therefore, providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects. Besides, disposed tires are more flammable and harmful since they release toxic chemicals polluting air and groundwater. The following are some of the materials used on playgrounds construction:

  • Surface raked loose tire shred or “crumb”
  • Tire shreds mixed with a binder then poured onto a durable surface
  • Tires manufactured from tire shreds and binder that is factory-molded and glued to the field’s surface.

Are Playfields Made from Recycled Tires Potentially Dangerous to Children

Rubber Turf PlaygroundRecycled tire materials used on playground surfaces have more concerns regarding safety. The tires have been identified to cause health problems due to the other chemicals added to natural rubber. These chemicals contain phthalates that affect hormones, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For example, PAHs chemicals are naturally or artificially made by burning oil, gas, coal or garbage, increases cancer risks when breathed in and also birth defects.

What Scientific Studies Say

Studies carried in 2007 by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) investigated the health risks children were being exposed to while playing on these surfaces. One of the studies evaluated some chemicals that could harm children after contact by ways such as through eating them or touching them then later touching their mouth. The other two studies established the risk of injuries from falling on these grounds compared to wood chips and also determined whether these tire shreds could contaminate air or water.

The researchers used chemical solutions that resembled conditions of a child’s stomach, added 10 grams of tire shreds and left it to settle for 21 hours at 37 degrees Celsius. In the case of the children touching tires then touching their mouth, the study involved the use of wipes to wipe tire shreds then measuring the volume of chemicals in the wipes. The researchers used guinea pigs to test effects of the fragments on the skin. Results of these studies showed that continuous or long-term exposure to these chemicals increased chances of children developing cancer. Studies done showed that 20% of the tested chemicals could cause cancer and body reactions, and 24% of the respiratory irritants could cause asthma symptoms, 37% irritate the skin, and 27% could cause eyes irritation.

What the EPA Has Done

United States Environmental Protection AgencyThe EPA organized a field study that collected and analyzed data artificial turf fields and playgrounds that used recycled tire materials. The agency collected several samples and released a report that concluded the level of chemicals detected were of no concern. However, results of these studies had various limitations since the study did not include the concentration of organic compounds that vaporize during summer.

EPA could not establish reliable results due to the small number of samples used, so they joined other organizations in recommending that children should frequently wash their hands after playing on these fields. Later a meeting was convened in 2010 by EPA member states to discuss health effects of exposure to chemicals on recycled tire-rubber-made playgrounds. EPA finally concluded that human cancer could be caused by breathing PAHs and through skin contact.

How to Protect Your Children?

A current disturbing question is how one can protect children playing in these fields. The rate at which children are likely to be harmed by exposure to these chemicals is higher than in adults because they are small, and their bodies are undergoing development. It is, therefore, advisable to try and avoid any contact that a child may have with hazardous chemicals. Ensure your kids play on natural grass playgrounds.

Parents should also participate actively in campaigns aiming at persuading government officials to use wood chips instead of recycled tire shreds in constructing playgrounds. Also, these materials should be free of chemicals.

Recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and EPA educate parents on the importance of frequent hand washing after playing outside and before eating. It is also advisable that a child should remove his or her shoes and clothes before entering the house in case of loose tire shreds.

Things to Keep Your Kids Entertained While Camping

A camping trip with kids does not have to be overwhelming. It can be fun and easy when proper preparation is done. With planning, you can come up with various activities and games to keep the children engaged and entertained throughout the camping period.

No one wants to deal with kids when they’re bored and restless. So, to help you prevent bored kid syndrome ruining your holiday relaxation time we’ve come up with various activities including, beach volleyball, hammocks, and Frisbee among some other ideas to keep the little rascals occupied.

Beach Volleyball

A beach volleyball kit can provide an excellent opportunity for children to burn a few calories and have a good time as well. Beach volleyball is quite the workout and it also helps improve hand eye coordination, team building skills as well as self-confidence.

Kids Playing Beach Volleyball.

Playing Soccer

Playing soccer is fun for most children as they strive to score and outdo their parents. It affirms their strengths and abilities, keeps them physically fit and provides an opportunity for bonding. Kids find great delight in such physical activities. Setting prizes for each goal makes it even more enjoyable. Kids will strive to attain the highest score and hence enjoy the game more.

Kids Playing Outdoor Soccer.

Setup a Hammock

Possibly suited more for the older kids in the bunch, setting up a hammock is a handy camping life skill that most adults would struggle with! A hammock is a sling-like structure made of ropes, fabric and a net hanging between two poles or two trees. It’s used primarily for sleeping, swinging or resting. Hammocks come in different sizes and colours to suit the needs of different users.

Kids on Outdoor Hammocks.

If you’ve got two hammocks and a lot of kids, you could divide them into two teams and have a competition to see who can setup their hammock first. Award extra points for location choice, and the safety of their setup. Remember to show the kids the knots required before starting and hover between both groups to lend a hand if needed. If setting up a hammock is too much of a chore for the kids, perhaps you might have more fun playing with the new inflatable air lounge that seems to be popping up all over the place. These self-inflating couches are absolutely phenonomal and super easy to setup. The kids will surely love mucking around the campsite or floating on the water on one of these!

For camping, we recommend a portable hammock that is light but of good quality. Once setup it can be a great source of entertainment for children. Kids can utilise them after swimming just to bask and enjoy the sunshine. Further, after a tiring day they can offer a comfortable area to rest or sleep.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is an outdoor game which has gained popularity recently. Setup some holes like you would on a golf course around the campsite, making note of how many throws are required to get ‘par’. Once complete send the little ones on their way with their scorecard (it’s a good idea to make the final hole end up back at the start). Frisbee golf is great because it promotes the use of basic math, and makes for great entertainment as players chase the flying disc and try and perfect their throw!

Kids Playing Frisbee Golf.

With the above activities and others, kids can be entertained, keep physically fit, and enjoy camping. There is absolutely no reason for a child to be bored while camping, at least not while you’re around!



Kids in the Kitchen ~ Lamington Angels

 Lamington Angels Recipe

Lamington Angels

I jut love these cute lamington angels.  They are always a hit with the whole family!

These look great at any birthday party and celebrations like baby ChristeningsWhat I love best is the fact you can quickly and easily make them and they look so great!   No icing techniques to do, but can make them look different by making them “angel wings”, “top hats” or Sponges.   mmm YUMMY.  The kids love to help with this one…   why not grab one of the amazing kids aprons from La Toriana ~ online baby/kids shopping boutique.


Vanilla buttercake:
90g butter, softened
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
2 eggs
1 cup (150g) self-raising flour
2 tablespoons milk

Chocolate icing:
10g butter
1/3 cup (80ml) milk
2 cups (320g) icing sugar
1/4 cup (25g) cocoa powder

1 cup (80g) desiccated coconut
1/4 cup (100g) raspberry jam
1/2 cup (125ml) thickened cream, whipped


1. Preheat oven to moderate (180°
C fan-forced). Line 6-hole  or 12-hole standard muffin pan with paper cases.

2. Beat butter, extract, sugar, eggs, flour and milk in small bowl with electric mixer on low speed until ingredients are just combined. Increase speed to medium, beat until mixture is changed to a paler colour.

3. Divide mixture among cases; smooth surface.

4. Bake large cakes about 25 minutes, small cakes about 20 minutes. Turn cakes onto wire rack to cool.

5. Make chocolate icing.

6. Remove cases from cakes. Dip cakes in icing; drain off excess, toss cakes in coconut. Place cakes on wire rack to set.

7. Cut cakes as desired; fill with jam and cream.

Chocolate icing
Melt butter in medium heatproof bowl over medium saucepan of simmering water. Stir in milk and sifted icing sugar and cocoa until icing is a coating consistency.

Some ideas for your next special occassion… especially if its a Christening.

Autumn Afternoon Picnic – Designer Kids Fashion

Autumn Afternoon Designer Kids Fashion.
What a glorious Autumn afternoon picnic we had to help showcase some of our gorgeous girls designer clothing online at La Torina,and in our shop in Bath Lane Bendigo.  The day was perfect; a warm day that started cooling off in the afternoon.  The glorious Autumn colours of a golden pallet and a perfect backdrop and setting at Chateau Dore Winery in Bendigo.

I loved styling this shoot and used the inspiration from many books and a few inspiring people I have been so lucky to come into contact with, including Sharnel Dollar Designs, (where this gorgoues table cloth was made)  Bubble and Sweet and “Missy Tiana”, to name a couple.

The adorable little models  (all customers kids) were radiant and had lots of fun, thank you to Meg, Jayde, Matisse and Tiana and their mums who came along.  A huge Thank You to Chateau Dore Winery for allowing us to shoot at this amazing place and to Alison at Lollypop Photography for yet another gorgeous shoot and photo’s.

Autumn Afternoon Dress for Kids.

What a stunning classic photo.  The magestic Jaguar car is perfect for the setting, and brides-to-be who are looking to get married should check out Chateau Dore (and you need to book in early) have an opportunity to use one of their gorgeous cars on the day!  Chateau Dore is a wonderful place for any special occasion.

Tiana looks quite regal here playing the cello, wearing a Mini Treasure kids dress called “Hayley” $89.95, which also comes in a stately red tonings  as well.  Sweet Meg is wearing another Mini Treasure Kids dress called “Ebony flocking dress” $89.95 (also comes in chocolate), that matches in with the Mini Treasure Kids black Allira leggings $39.95 (which also come on cream).  Little Meg is wearing a Tippie Toes Couture headband $19.95.

Mini Teasure Kids is an Australian kids fashion clothing designer label that’s fast becoming a head spinner and noticed not only in Australia but also abroad.  The quality is simply stunning, with dresses being lined and adorned with quality materials and trims.  Girls and boys designer clothing from 000 – 12 yrs old.  Can check them out online at La Toriana.

Girls In White Autumn Dress.

Myrtle & Grace  make their debut at La Toriana this week, and we just love this girls designer clothing collection, that we just know you will too. Its a high end kids fashion label thats sure to make a mark in the Australian Childrens Fashon industry

Many of the Myrtle & Grace designer children’s wear are   **exclusive **    to La Toriana including the Milla dress above.  The softest  Hail Spot Cotton with silky satin trim tie and bias with hand dyed vintage style lace trim hem in white or ivory tea. So soft, quality, and definitely makes a statement in the vintage inspired girls clothing arena.  I especially love the fact Rachael, the designer from Myrtle and Grace is a ‘local” and we plan to catch up often and bring you exciting and exclusive designs we just know you are going to love, plus an interview with the designer  herself coming up to hear about what inspires her creativity.

The  “Milla Dress”  $59.95, is perfect for girls 6 months up to 10 years.  Comes in a soft white with white, elegant lace on the trim, and satin tie ribbons at the shoulder.  Also comes in a soft cream/ivory colour with a delicate ecru elegant lace trim on bottom.  Ideal as  a special occasion dress, flowergirl dresses, christening, Christmas dress, birthday and confirmation and communion dress.   The Milla dress, plus the pretty Pink “all things nice” dress and a couple special delights will be in store the start of August ready for Spring/Summer season. Watch out for new releases soon and you can pre order by sending me an email at info@latoriana.com.au telling me what colour style etc you are after.  We have already sold 3 dresses since our release photo on facebook for confirmation/communion dresses.

Girl Wearing Floral Autumn Dress

Must be feeling sentimental (again..!!) and penned this above piece whilst I had a day at home on my own,  looking through lots of stunning children’s designer clothing photo’s from the last couple shoots with Alison from Lollypop photography … and my own little baby!

I cannot believe my little baby is growing up so quick.  She will be 9 years old this year…. time has really flown fast. I love the fact that Tiana loves classical music, and she definitely has an ear and flair for it.

Girl in Vintage Kids Designer Dress.Tiana is modelling the Esther dress by Myrtle and Grace, “A little bit of vintage” designer girls clothing label designed and MADE in Australia.

This dress  that Tiana is modelling above is an   **exclusive**   dress to La Toriana,  the “Esther” from Myrtle & Grace, $59.95, available in size 6 mths to 10 years.   This Australian children’s clothing designer uses only quality materials, trims and laces, with many hand dyed fabrics and styles that are unique.  Many of the girls designer dresses are transeasonal that are pretty on own in the warmer weather, and pretty plus functional when  layered in the cooler weather.  Available now **LIMITED EDITION** instore and on the La Toriana website.

It’s elegant, relaxed and has a real vintage appeal.  Tiana also loves this Esther dress (though not as much as her shorts, tees and gumboots), which is great we agree.  I love the lace and ribon and of course the rose  pattern material.  We BOTH love roses !

The headband is ivory rosette from Tippie Toes Couture and was a real hit amongst all the girls on the day.  It comes in 3 colours, a rose/blush pink, an antique white and a soft latte colour.  $19.95 and comes in 3 sizes to suit girls of all ages.

The Three Little Trees Winter kids fashion collection for 2011 is nothing short of gorgeous.  Here Matisse models the VERY popular Melbourne dress $49.95 teamed with the charcoal footless tights $19.95.  I LOVE this colour for Winter and its proven to be one of the most popular girls designer clothing for the season by Three Little Trees.  My Fav however is the pink Manhattan dress that Meg is wearing here.  Its a knit dress $54.95 and really is a transeasonal item.  Also goes brilliantly with the charcoal footless tights from Three Little Trees.

Girls in Winter Kids Dress

Matisse looks amazing here, and Alison has caught a magical moment that’s just beautiful. The matching rose headband is truly a gorgeous match top this dress by Small Society.

Girl In Fashion Headand.

Another debut kids fashion designer clothing label to La Toriana this season is Small Society.  I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it.  Its the Earth dress and available in the 2 colours, a blush dusky pink and a soft grey/green. This dress can be worn in summer and also layered for winter, and when it gets short for a dress can be worn as a longer top.  The adjustable button feature at the back allows for growth and is a clear winner this season at $59.95.  Matisse above also wears the Tippie Toes couture rosette headband in blush pink, $19.95.

Girl in Designer Fashion Dressback.

Girl In Designer Kids Clothing.

I must thank “Esther” who helped sew up my buntin when I had no sewing machine and little time.  The materials are all remnants from when i was making my very first nursery exactly 10 years ago in May, it was for the twin girls room… and I had packed it all away, in a sealed box which I recently returned to.  Its also mixed in with pieces of materials left over from some of Tiana’s clothes and cushions from when she was born, so its truly a very special bunting full of love and memories.  When I was cutting it out I was wanting something that was different, special and full of meaning… this was perfect and gorgeous Esther helped make it all come together… THANK YOU gorgeous Esther!

Thank you to all the models, Alison at Lollypop Photography, Chateau Dore, the models mums and the supermarket who made the cake.  (Sorry, I really need bubble and sweet down this way! but alas can you tell what type of cake it is?)

Also thanks to the designer kids clothing businesses listed above, as these all are gorgeous Winter collections of designer kids clothing in Australia in 2011, and I am so proud to be able to showcase them at La Toriana online and in store.

Tea Princess *WINTER* ~ Almost Here

Girl In Tea Princess Designer Winter Clothing. I know you have all been waiting for the newest release of the special occasion girls vintage inspired clothing from Tea Princess.  Not much longer now… but rest assured, the gorgeous collection of the 2011 Tea Princess girls designer clothing is going to cause a stir!

I suggest *BE QUICK* as these will NOT LAST.  If you are an avid Tea Princess follower, then you know this is to be true.

There are limited amounts made, so you can be assured of a quality, limited edition of anything you purchase.  La Toriana is so proud to be able to deliver to you a selection of this seasons Tea Princess collection.

Only a few more sleeps guys…. and then you will soon see what gorgeous, simply stunning Winter 2011 collection from Tea Princess will bring.

Til then… here are a few items, many last ones left and never to be repeated…. grab them while you can!

Designer Fashion Dresses for Girls.

I cant wait to show you the new ranges coming in for Spring Summer… they are totally gorgeous!   If you are looking for designer girls clothing online, special occassion dresses and party wear for your little princess, well you have come to the right place!  Jump online for all your baby fashion needs, designer kids clothing and premmie baby clothes… we are here to help.

Little Miss J and Mista TJ ~ *WOW*


Designer Clothing for Boys

Black Skirt for Girls.

Cute Dress for Girls.

Girls Designer Clothing.We have received our latest shipment of  Little Miss J & Mr TJ items in the shop and there are “oohs and ahh’s” from customers has been amazing.  We know there are avid fans from the Summer Collection of designer girls clothing and well, you will be so impressed that there is now designer boys clothing full of class and attitude!  Jo, the creator of the Little Miss J  & Mista TJ is fast becoming a known entity in the world of kids fashion, and we are so pleased to be stocking her kids clothing label in the shop and online.

A gorgeous new children’s collection in luxe fabrics and a subtle palette of colours – perfect heirloom pieces.

Little Miss J was developed by people that are in love with the pleasure of life, passionate and not afraid to show it, where individuality is revered and creatively encouraged. We are gradually filling your armoire with gorgeous fabrics, laces and trims from all around the world.

Designer Creations made for the 1 to 10 year’s of age. Proudly designed and made in Australia.

                           “Difference between Style and fashion is Quality”


Inspired from parents memories of music, culture and fun this urban classic range has been brought back to life to a new level, thru fashion. Australian owned and made.

100% Australian organic cotton, silk screened t-shirt collection along with sleek skinny pants and  wait coats.

Australian …. THE BEST

Mista TJ Boy Clothing.

Visit La Toriana online this weekend to see all the above items online.  At La Toriana we have a passion for baby & kids fashion.

Afternoon Picnic Tea ~ La Toriana Style


Afternoon Picnic Tea Collection.

We have been so busy here at La Toriana time has flown by.  With sickness, medical procedures, a shop, school and “everything else”, we needed to have a little “R & R” and get back into the thick of it, which included updating  the La Toriana BLOG.

Afternoon tea was in order  and what a gorgeous day we had for it.

String music, vintage books, lots of relaxing about, chatting and walks.  A very relaxing way to spend an afternoon tea with friends.  Home cooked cakes, fresh fruit, healthy kidz tea and lots and lots of laughter.

Girl in Tea Princess Designer Dress.

What a beautiful way to showcase some of our gorgeous summer designer childrens wear thats now online at La Toriana.   Above, Tiana looks a pretty picture  in her Tea Princess  3 tiered girls designer dress, and matching lace cardigan.  Her Bethany’s Child  special occassion headband completed the very special  outfit, and what beautiful music she played whilst the others frolicked about on the lawn.  A beautiful warm spring day, and the kidz tea went down a treat!  The launch of Bethany’s Child is almost here, so watch out for it at La Toriana.

Summer Collection Clothing for Kids.

You can easily see how the kids relaxed, laughed and had a gorgeous time!  The designer kids clothing showcased here include:

Bethany’s Child hair accessories (from $4.95),

Mini Treasure Kids clothing (including Maddison dress $89.95, Sophia Dress $89.95, Max silk shirt $59.95, Ethan linen shorts $59.95).

The amazing white dresses from Luv Child, formerly known as momie et enfant,(white or ecru $49.95),

Tea Princess (special occassion dresses $89.95 and lace cardigan $59.95 and play suit $65.95),

vintage kids hats from constitution ($29.95)

Girl in White Maia dress And Mini Treasure Kids Sophia Dress.

Gorgeous Jayde, models so well the Luv Child white Maia dress and the Mini Treasure Kids Sophia dress.  We have had to get in more Maia dresses as the first lot walked right out as soon as they arrived!!  This Christmas there are so many gorgeous girls designer dresses to choose from, but I have to say, the Sophia dress will be one of the favourites for sure, as will the Tea Princess Summer collection we have online.

Kids Picnic La Toriana Style.

I LOVE this pic.  Alison,  from Lollypop Photography who did the photography captured the essence of the day perfectly!   Tiana had just finished playing the viola and in need of a cool drink, Meg, loved playing with the hand made (by moi) vintage doll, and the other two loved chit chatting!

Boy Wearing Designer Clothing.

Its without a doubt, Josh here looked the relaxed, stylish little man he is. What a gorgeous model!  The girls just loved him.

Tea Princess Playsuit.

So, so pretty, meg looked devine in the Tea Princess playsuit and wearing the vintage designer hair accessories from Bethany’s Child.  All in all, the afternoon tea on a gorgeous  Spring afternoon was just perfect!  Everyone was so relaxed … its the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.  Afternoon tea ~ with friends.

Kids Wearing Afternoon Picnic Clothing.

Thank you so much Alison.  We worked well as a team and the kids made it all so easy!  “true professionals!  However I think they were having so much fun, they didn’t even notice the camera much, and my job as stylist was so easy!  If you are in the Central Victorian area and looking for a photographer…. pop over to www.Lollypopphotography.com.au and tell Alison how gorgeous the pics were!

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